Exclusive Interviews

A journey for ELA Games in the game development industry has started recently, and the company has already managed to prove they take a well-deserved place among the most creative and innovative software developers. The team’s passion for what they do and unique approach to game development helps it to attract the attention of players in this highly competitive industry.

Armadillo Studios about US gaming market, recent innovative slots, and future releases

We had a please to talk to David Stoveld, COO of Armadillo Studios, about the uniqueness of the studio’s games and the dedicated team behind them. We also discussed recent releases and asked to shed light on the upcoming games. A quick overview of the US market by Armadillo Studios, and how products of this up-and-coming US-based company perceived by players abroad was also touched upon.

Onlplay speaks about creativity, gaming of the future, and its best games!

Established in 2020, the beginning Onlyplay’s path in the gambling industry was not without challenges. They still interfere with the studio’s plans, but this team of experts managed to navigate through them with success and found its way to the top. Now it is one of the leading providers of casino games that is not afraid to experiment with genres and gameplays. 

One of player-favorite casino portals where players share their gambling experiences, Latest Casino Bonuses, presented its project "From the Players for the Players" with the aim of testing online casinos for transparency and accountability, thereby helping gamblers to make informed decisions and maximize their gambling experience.

Embarking on a path in the gaming industry is always a thrilling adventure for a new software developer, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Not every studio can ascend to the summit and garner a large base of admirers among players. Yet, Lady Luck Games has proven to be a remarkable exception. Founded in 2019, the company has navigated its way to success, captivating players through vibrant designs, embedded creativity, and an innovative approach to game mechanics.

ATMOSFERA on making the brand visible in the competitive industry, cultivating trust within the team, and finding its unique voice

Chatting with the team of ATMOSFERA about the gambling industry is always eye-opening, as well as inspiring. Our first conversation with the company’s CEO Yury Ermantraut, where he candidly talked about ATMOSFERA’s debut proved just that — it is a new era in iGaming, and brands are ready to pave the way to open and inclusive dialogue between developers, casinos, players, and media. 

In our second sit down with the company, its PR Manager Alena Zharkovskaya raises important topics of being a newbie to the online casino industry, finding the brand’s unique voice, gaining recognition, and cultivating trust among employees and partners. This is a noteworthy read for anyone who always wanted an exclusive backstage tour of game development.


A while back, our team at KTC took on an ambitious and a bit challenging project. After interviewing some of the world’s top software developers and casinos, we thought — hey, but what do the players have to say? 


Without any further ado, we give you a virtual player named Jack.

The team of ATMOSFERA shares its take on getting started in the live casino industry.

If you are as much a fan of live casino games as we are, you must have already spotted a rising start of the industry — ATMOSFERA. The studio debuted with its portfolio of truly unique games, including releases like Battleship and European Bingo Roulette — something that you won’t see in portfolios of its competitors. 

Pragmatic Play’s team talks about new live casino games and slots.

So much is going on in Pragmatic Play’s game development kitchen! The company’s been having a blast with its live casino products, whilst also increasing its slot and bingo production. 

In an exclusive interview with KeyToCasinos, Yossi Barzely, Chief Business Development Officer of the company, talks to us about Mega Roulette, ONE Blackjack and other exciting live dealer releases that the brand is launching. 

If you’ve already checked out Aeterna, Three Blind Mice, and several other great games from Black Pudding Games, you’d see where our itch to meet the team of creators is coming from. Their content is fresh, fun, and unique. So, we reached out to the studio hoping they would entertain our curiosity and share some inside scoop on their creation process, thoughts about the modern gaming industry, and growing business in these turbulent times. Without further ado, here is the ultimate must-read if you are into a new approach to manufacturing slots as much as we are. 

The team of Gamzix – on quality gaming, and their upcoming slot hits


The only way to succeed in the modern competitive industry of slot development is to be ambitious and driven. This is exactly what the team of Gamzix is about. They knew it would not be a walk in the park to make a statement as a new brand when there are so many awesome content developing studios around. And yet, they did, with their 8 slots out, including the Banana Bar, and quite a few promising releases still in the pipeline. They also understood that it is hard to make a breakthrough in the world of mobile gaming, and yet – they did with their lightweight engine and a vertical mode for slots. 


Today KeyToCasino sits down for a chat with the CEO of Gamzix, Aleksandr Kosogov, who speaks openly about the demands of the modern market, the studio’s first games, upcoming slots, and plans for further expansion.

Marcus Cordes of Hacksaw Gaming – on the company’s approach to creating innovative slots, competition in the industry, and upcoming releases. 

It is hard to find a recently launched content developing company as successful as Hacksaw Gaming. Its first slot, Stick’ems, was out in September of 2019, following a series of successful scratchcards releases. By November the studio had already been nominated for its first award in a highly competitive category “Instant Win of the Year”. By 2020, Hacksaw Gaming accumulated licensing from UKGC, and ISO certification, as well as partnered with some of the biggest online operators in the industry.

We are very excited to welcome Marcus Cordes, the COO of Hacksaw Gaming, as our guest today, and to talk about the company’s success, take on the current situation in the gaming industry, and upcoming releases.

The company shares its exciting plans for the year 2020 in an exclusive sit down with KeyToCasinos


What can we say...we wanted to meet the Fugaso team ever since we saw the first episode of the now famous Trump It slot machine in 2017, this is just how eye-catching the game was. In the beginning of 2020, with so many exciting transformations and milestones that the company has accomplished, including an expansion of the portfolio from ten initial slots to 70 games in 2020, prestigious licensing and expansion to the news markets, we felt like we cannot hold our curiosity any longer. So, we went ahead and contacted the studio, only to realize that….

...we should’ve done it sooner. What a chat! Our talk provided insights on the modern gaming industry, flashbacks to Fugaso’s major 2019 news, and exclusive sneak peeks into its 2020 future. So, without any further ado, here is the full interview.

Switch Studios Weighs in on Innovating Online Table Gaming

Just a few days ago thousands of players got a chance to explore new elegant releases of European Blackjack and American Roulette. Two of these products were rolled out by the talented team of Switch Studios – a company on an ambitious mission to redefine a segment as static and traditional as table games. We contacted the brand and spoke to Tom David, Head of Studio at Switch Studios, about the tasks and challenges that the team comes across, as well as about the future of table games.


    “Our Mission Is to Keep Releasing Exciting Content”

    KeyToCasino Sits Down for an Interview with Crazy Tooth Studios


    In today’s crowded and competitive gaming industry, it is all about vision and spirit, and Crazy Tooth Studios has both. The company just recently signed a long-term collaboration with Microgaming, and successfully released the first of many games to come – Arctic Valor™. Striking visuals and dynamic gameplay of the slot capture player’s attention right from the start, so naturally, we were curious to meet the team of creators! Joining us today in a conversation about American and European gaming markets, the unique approach to creating software, and teasers about upcoming releases is Will Burrows, Vice President of CTS.

    Live Software Expert Shares Plans for 2019 and New Releases

    We caught the team of Vivo Gaming in the middle of their preparation for ICE Totally gaming 2019 in London. “We have plenty of surprises”, - the marketing project manager Faruq Salomon told us regarding the upcoming event, as we were wrapping up the interview. Taking into consideration 15 years of live casino experience this company has, with its global network of offices and over a dozen of different studios, we have no doubt the brand is ready to step into 2019 as one of industry’s headliners.

    We are grateful to Faruq and the team for finding time during this hectic period of preparation for ICE to sit down with us for a chat and to share insights on the live dealer industry.  

    Company’s Business Development Manager Anastasia Rimskaya shares Endorphina’s inspiring path to success


    Among some of the most colorful and engaging releases that appeared in our news feed this fall was one by Endorphina. Naturally, we contacted the company to find out more about the inspiration behind the new slot. And while we were at it, we also asked lots of questions about the company’s big leap from a small local business to an internationally acknowledged brand with one of the hottest stands at recent IGB Live in Amsterdam.

    We are grateful to the provider’s Business Development Manager Anastasia Rimskaya for this engaging and inspiring conversation. So, without further ado – here is the detailed and emotional interview of  today’s guest.

    Joining us in today’s conversation about the tendencies of the online gaming industry, ways to satisfy player demands, and the real competition among software developers is the brand new name in the industry – Northern Lights Gaming. We are really excited to have the studio as our guest not only because its debut game, Rocky’s Gold, is highly entertaining and a great way to launch the portfolio, but also because standing behind the label is a very experienced team with a professional background tracing back to WMS, Barcrest, and the creation of such legendary slots as Rainbow Riches. Andrew Goodale, the CEO of NLG, talks about plans and potential of the new company. So, without any further ado, enjoy the interview.

    Carmen Granger on How One Small Initiative Can Grow into a Successful Production


    There are brand names you simply can’t resist. As soon as we came across the Bla Bla Bla Studios, we though: “Hey, this sounds like an invitation for a chat”. Certainly, this was not the only reason for us to reach out to company’s headquarters in South Africa. Did you see the great games this team is producing? Amazing Alchemist, Max Di


    amond… naturally, we wanted to learn more about the people behind the label. So, Carmen Granger (!!!), the founder of BBBS, told their amazing story, and also shared her vision of what the modern gaming experience should be and what kind of future she wants for the company. Without any further ado, enjoy the interview.


    Meet the Team Behind the Spinmatic Label


    They’ve been around for quite a while producing content for other companies before they entered the industry as a brand with its own portfolio. Once they did, though, it became obvious – Spinmatic is capable of offering innovations to the highly competitive world of online gaming. Today the team talks about the reasons why they took their time before starting to develop entertainment of their own, and shares exciting plans for the upcoming year!