Gaming Innovations


While science cuts genes from DNA, discovers new cures and vaccines for severe diseases, explores the surface of Mars and other objects of the solar system, makes a fascinating breakthrough in the quantum world with the Large Hadron Collider, technologies also bring innovations to the world of gaming.

Elements of games are constantly transformed and improved in labs of software providers so that players can receive a top-notch gaming experience with brand-new modifications of old-school machines, the introduction of unique features and concepts, a combination of casino and video games, releases that bring new forms of play…All these are the results of gaming innovations, and you can read about them on this page.



Any innovation is not unnoticed in the world of gambling, as online casinos and software developers strive for innovation in their products to provide players with the ultimate gaming experience. AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies are no exception. This is just a matter of time before they are integrated into the gaming industry, so it is important to regulate their work to secure equity in players and fair competition for companies. The establishment of the Ethical AI Committee is an important step in this direction.

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ComeOn Group continues to work on improvements to the services it provides to ensure the ultimate gaming experience for its customers. It has already implemented efficient banking solutions for Scandinavian markets that allow players from several Nordic countries to play games without registration. Now, it is time to make customer support service more efficient, and the company has found quite an unusual solution for this aspect. It has partnered with the AI market leader, and the result of their cooperation can already be spotted by some players.

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The gaming industry evolves together with the development of technologies, offering players new and superb gaming that gets more spectacular and engaging compared to earlier releases. The studio that is in the vanguard of such changes is Evoplay Entertainment. This software developer has recently presented Dungeon: Immortal Evil, a slot that offers players a unique immersive experience.

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Compulsory gambling is a serious and frequent problem, especially nowadays in the era of online casinos and easy access to them. Thus, The has decided to face this problem and found a useful solution for players that use its service and show signs of gambling addiction. Thus, the company has developed the BetBlocker app and it has recently been approved as charity in the UK.

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Players of online casinos have a chance to take advantage of innovations, as each operator brings new technologies into their websites. One such novelty is payment with alternative currencies. The list of casinos that accept them grows steadily, and Bovada Casino is now offering it. At the same time, those who use cryptocurrencies actively may be happy to discover that has integrated a new innovative payment option. Continue reading for details!