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  • Caribbean Stud Poker


    A table game based on 5-card stud, but played against the dealer only and with different betting and payouts.

    Synonym: Super Stud Poker, Viking Poker

  • Multiplier


    A feature that results in two to ten times the normal payout.

  • Impair


    French for a bet on the odd numbers. Pays 1 to 1.

  • Fishhooks

    PokerVideo Poker

    Slang for jacks.

  • Aggregate Winnings


    Total amount won.

    Synonym: Gross Winnings

  • Casino Advantage


    The long-term theoretical advantage of the casino or "house" over players.

    Synonym: Casino Edge

  • Royal Flush Wild

    Video Poker

    A royal flush made with one or more wild cards.

  • Inside Straight/Gutshot/One-Grapper

    PokerVideo Poker

    Four cards to a straight with a gap inside, e.g. 7543 (vs 7654, an "open ender" that has double the chance of making the straight).

  • Basic Strategy


    A relatively simple strategy designed to improve a player's chances, particularly in blackjack.

    See also: Aggressive Play

  • Horn High Bet


    Same as a horn bet, except an additional bet is placed on one of the numbers. E.g. horn high 12 bets one unit each on the 2, 3 and 11, and 2 units on the 12.

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