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…how to quickly and easily find a suitable game and the casino to play it at?

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You’ve Come to the Right Place

Immediately from the start our algorithms display the top-10 releases sorted by popularity among the gambling community  . Within one mouse click, you can also rearrange the countdown by any of the following parameters:

  • Name

  • Max Win

  • Advantage

  • Release date

Just look at the selection of quick filtering at the top of the screen  …

…and navigate through thousands of titles, page by page  .

Each of the games is conveniently summed up in a separate box, where you will be able to see its title, developer and provider, variance, reel configuration, special features (if any), theme, house advantage and maximum possible win. All in all – 

less than a minute to pick up on the main facts

about any of thousands of releases in our collection. Isn’t that great?

But that is not nearly all our algorithms allow you to do. Scroll down to learn how to easily tame our sophisticated filtering system and to find the best release in the boundless sea of the constantly expanding collection.

Limitless Possibilities to Finding Casino Games

Before heading to a customized search, explore the possibilities that the key boxes with games provide. When we said it will take you 

a minute or less to get all the necessary information

, we were absolutely serious. Not only the does the box display the title of the game and its provider, it also allows to learn about key rules and details within one simple mouse tap.


This button reveals everything there is to know about the reel configuration and the number of paylines, variance, quantity of regular and special symbols, minimum and maximum coin size, and the amount of coins per line. It also allows players to learn more about the special features and theme.

KTC’s Hint: When unfolding the Rules and Details filter, you can also use active links within the grid to find similar releases. For instance, Reel Rush is a slot with 3125 lines  , and clicking on the number leads to discovering five more slots with the same amount of win lines.

What is more, you can also easily find other releases similar in certain characteristics to the one you chose  , or to even go through the title’s paytable and rules by exploring the images included into every key box  . If this information is not enough, proceed to a full review  , or unroll the list of online operators  where the title is available.

KTC’s Hint: Speaking of the recommended websites, you can either opt directly to register and play, or read the review first. We always explore the brand’s licensing, background and owners, online reputation and payout risks before recommending it to you.

In addition to the unique key boxes, we would like to introduce you to our convenient Search Filter that allows you to look for preferred content by engaging and combining more than ten parameters. Here are the vital customized resources that will navigate you through thousands of old and newly added titles:

Resource #1: The Search Field

If you’ve been around the block and know what is currently a trending release, or you would like to bet on some popular hits that you have in mind, the best option is to type the title’s name in the search field.

 . By the way, it works not only for games, but also for software developers. Thus, if you insert Red Tiger Gaming, into the system, you will find all its content that we added to the collection.

Here are some of the reasons why the search may end unsuccessfully:

  • You misspelled the title or misused the punctuation. This is particularly common with complex titles like Universal Monsters™: The Phantom’s Curse. In this case, either go by partial search, e.g. Phantom’s Curse, or search by Net Entertainment.

  • The game is not in our database. Highly unlikely, but still possible. If this happens, proceed to the filters described below to find a decent alternative based on the similar characteristics.


Resource #2: Game Type

If you are a complete newbie in the world of online gambling, you will definitely need these Game Rules Guidelines to understand what kind of content might interest you the most.

If you know, what cohort you are  .looking for, choose it from the dropdown menu 

KTC’s Hint: Pay attention to slots with the Free Play label   . This means that you can tap the blue button and test the release for free right away.

The dropdown menu’s beauty is in the fact that it allows you to go into specifics. Let’s say, you are not only looking for table games  , you would like to play blackjack. All this can be step by step inserted into the search system, which will then give you a chance to pick among several variations of blackjack  , as well as among its specific parameters, number of decks, split to hands, and other options. The same rule applies to roulette, table pokers, and other cohorts. Mark additional filter for live content.

Resource #3: Features and Special Symbols

This is an easy way to choose among spin machines – one of the most crowded cohorts. Set filters to Slots   Video Slots,  mark Progressive  if necessary, and proceed to selecting other useful configurations. Sliders will allow you to adjust the amount of reels and pay lines, and maybe to decide on a theme.

KTC’s Hint: If you are particularly interested in themes, we’ve got lots of other convenient pages that already sorted releases by topics, e.g. EdiblesAsianFolklore and History, just to mention a few.

You will also be able to:

  • Set a specific amount of Wilds  and Scatters  .

  • Decide, whether you would like free spins, and how many  .

  • Specify the amount of Bonus Games  , range of multipliers, and availability of the Double-Up round.

  • Other features, such as Cascading Symbols, Re-spins, Shifting Reels and what not are included into filtering, as well.

Resource #3: Relevance and Budget

One of the sliders that our community likes is the time when the game was released. By adjusting the runner

  sideways, you can pick among older or newer entertainment. You can also specify how much you are willing to bet, thus separating titles for low and high rollers. Volatility and house advantage also fall into the budget category, as so does the maximum win.

Resource #4: Developers and Providers

We constantly monitor the industry to add new software developing names as soon as they appear on the market’s horizon. Our portal offers one of the fullest Software Summaries in the industry, and also complements it with exclusive interviews. So if you always wanted to try content from, let’s say, Endorphina, we will provide you with a file cabinet of their most successful releases.

As you can see, the search filter is a detailed roadmap to what the current market has to offer. So feel free to combine and explore!