By The Numbers

  • 945 casinos

    owned by 290 companies

    licensed in 29 jurisdictions

    speaking 46 languages

    accepting 214 payment methods

    in 85 currencies

  • 2340 bonuses of

    11 different types of which

    1481 are cashable

    308 sets of allowed games and

    20 summarized t&c items

  • 11284 games of

    71 different types and

    11 categories produced by

    315 software producers

  • 5168 player experiences

    of whom 1745 reported a

    payout time collected from

    6 message boards,

    summatized into 5 classes

    3 types and 4 outcomes

  • 111 rated factors in

    10 categories to calculate

    1 key rating

    25,937,424,601 ways

    to customize the rating for a

    registered player

  • 4389 parsable text strings

    59 search filters and

    9 sorting options in

    3 search areas

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Why Us?

Casinos are studied thoroughly

Important information goes to the corresponding casino's Detailed Review.

For every casino we list, the KeyToCasinos team reads every aspect of its web site, including the main page, the small print in the footers, the cashier page, any downloadable faxback forms, general terms, and promotional terms - everything. From there, we collect any and all information that may affect players' gaming and payment experience. Some of this information is the same for almost every casino; that common information we list in the Industry Standards section. The rest of the information goes to the corresponding casino's Detailed Review on our web site.

Information is up to date

We keep track of every piece of information we list.

Through the combination of semi-automated processors and human intellect, the team at keeps track of every piece of information that we list and update it quickly when a change occurs. These changes might come in the form of a decrease in payout limit, a new country of license, or an amendment to the allowed games list for the welcome bonus.

Outside Sources checked as well

The player's stories are processed, filtered, and classified according to type and outcome.

A typical player would normally do some web research before playing in a casino to find independent information or reviews about the quality and functionality. Fortunately, the KeyToCasinos team has already done this for you! Our research team looks for information and comments about players’ gaming experiences that they reported or posted on the Internet. The player's stories are processed, meaning that irrelevant rants and brags are filtered out, while the remainder is classified according to information type and outcome. The automated script further summarizes this information into pie charts, allowing for easy viewing of the percentage of player experiences by type. In addition to that, data on each casino's rating and status was collected from the top gambling portals, allowing you to see which casinos are blacklisted somewhere or everywhere.

Less Text - More information

We list the essential information about the casino that is important to a potential player.

The section you are reading now is the only one on this web site where you will find the words "top repertoire of features for your entertainment", "sleek and smooth in pleasing its regular players", or any other catchy phrases that bear very little practical meaning. At KeyToCasinos, you will not see any long and boring reviews. Instead, our Detailed Reviews list the essential numbers and other concrete pieces of information about the casinos that are actually important to a potential player.

Structured and Aggregated

Read all or some, depending on your interests.

Information on every casino is subdivided into 10 sections. You can read all or some of them, depending on your interests. Someone who does not want to read a section in full may resort to simply checking its rating. Additionally, the valuable information that stands out for a particular casino is displayed under the "Pros and Cons" Tab. Finally, the icon area provides a graphical representation of the essential facts about each casino. These same icons are also shown in the Casino Search function.

Bonuses are fully detailed

Our team has summarized the terms using the same structure for each casino.

A typical casino commonly highlights the bonus amount and/or percentage. However, very few would prominently display the essential details on how to receive that bonus, complete the wager, and cash out the winnings. Most will hide some crucial piece of information in the lengthy bonus terms, or some other sort of fine print. The KeyToCasinos team has read and analyzed those terms and conditions for you, and then summarized them using the same structure for each casino. The terms are grouped into sections pertaining to Eligibility, Wagering, and Cashing Out. Additionally, the information on allowed games for each bonus is summarized into an easy-to-read, tree-like structure.

Multi-point, fully automated, unbiased Key Rating

The 109 individual item ratings are summarized into 10 section ratings and then linked to the casino's Key Rating.

All of the information you will find on is structured, up to date, and based on research facts. Our formula-based, multi-point Key Rating is similarly thorough. For each casino, we have rated every relevant item, including Ecogra membership, payout time, or software producer, just to name a few. An automated script calculates these ratings once a day and takes any changes into account. The 109 individual item ratings are summarized into 10 section ratings and then linked to the casino's Key Rating. The rating accounts for real players’ experiences, but only takes the relevant and real stories into consideration. Therefore, it cannot be tampered with by hitting a “Like“ button multiple times. We will publish the detailed rating formula with all coefficients and weights in the near future.

Customizable "My Rating"

We have allowed each player to create their own casino ratings, according to their preference.

At KeyToCasinos, we have done our best to develop the Key Rating that reflects the average player's needs and expectations. However, we understand that different players have different preferences when it comes to online gambling. Some will only play in a casino if it is licensed and accredited by all the top authorities. For others, a realistic player experience is more important than formal certification. Some players are looking for a large game selection with a reasonable house advantage, while for other players, a competitive bonus program is essential. We have allowed each of these player groups to create their own casino ratings, according to their preference. When you register with KeyToCasinos and access your account, choose “My Rating” and customize the weight of importance for individual sections. Then, you can see what casinos will come out on top – based directly on your own rating and preferences!

In addition to searching by entering text you may view the entire list and manually filter it using the controls on your left.

Our text search is designed to understand your specific needs. Enter “Playtech Casinos“, “US-Friendly Casinos“, “Monthly Bonuses“, or “Blackjack Games“ and you will get just that. You can search specifically for Casinos, Bonuses, or Games. The three searches are separate and produce different outputs, but they are still connected. For example, when you find a casino, you will be able to see what games it has and what bonuses it offers. When you find a bonus that seems promising, you are able to see what casino it is coming from. When you find a game that you like, you can easily access the full list of casinos where you can play it. In addition to searching by entering text, you can also view the entire list and manually filter it using the controls on your left. See “Search Help” for more details and examples.

Save and Explore

Make your own short notes on individual casinos, bonuses, and games, then filter and sort them.

Registered users have the option of saving a specific casino, bonus, or game into their favorites list: My Casinos, My Bonuses, My Games. Those three lists can be accessed from the User Account and are not visible to other users. Furthermore, you can make your own short notes on individual casinos, bonuses, and games, then filter and sort them, or even use the Key Search in order to see more information about them, such as what bonuses are currently being offered by your favorite casino.