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Any legislation is changed and modified on a regular basis, and gambling law is not an exception. If following all the alterations in the betting sphere in your country seems to be a difficult task for you, we know an easy solution.

Just scroll down this page and catch up on recent betting legislation, as we have gathered the latest news about upcoming and already existing gambling markets, new rules for players, submission for licenses and their acquisitions, introductions of limitations, and much more.


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OnAir Entertainment, one of the successful companies in the sphere of live casino gambling, has been under investigation after the accusations charged against the company by Ivans Ivanovs. This is the former employee who claimed that the company had unlawful access to the internal systems of Playtech for more than 2 years. Due to these shocking charges, the upcoming Diamond Rush Roulette by OnAir Entertainment is currently on hold due to the ongoing investigation.

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Agreed in November 2019 by government and political figures, the introduction of Player ID in physical betting has already taken effect. Therefore, all new players willing to enjoy a sportsbook in kiosks and shops will have to follow the new rules and provide their player ID. Let’s take a closer look at how it works and why it was introduced in the first place.

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More responsible and healthier gambling seems to be the current trend in the industry, so authorities in many countries are working on stricter norms and restrictions in the legislation to regulate the gambling industry in this direction. The Australian government is among those willing to shift the situation in the betting and casino industry in the country. Thus, players from Australia and operators that work there might soon face crucial changes in the way gambling works in this country.

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According to the changes in Swedish gambling laws, any slot provider that wishes to supply its content to online operators in the country should hold a B2B gambling permit from the Swedish Gambling Authority. This law takes effect on July 1st, 2023, so it is no wonder that many top studios are willing to make sure that they are compliant with all requirements in Sweden in advance. Thus, news about issued licenses to top studios are common now. Among those companies are three software providers that are widely popular in Sweden have already applied for the license and obtained it recently. Let’s look at each of them closer.

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The gambling industry is going through a transformation, as many countries strive to provide their citizens with regulated gaming and secure their responsible gambling behavior. Following the news about a recently approved decree that focuses on young players and players at risk in Spain, new restrictions have taken effect in Georgia, and gaming is banned for certain categories, while the Australian government works towards time limits for gamblers. At the same time, the Philippines and Denmark fight against illegal gaming. The details of changes in each market are given further in the article.

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While gambling is not fully legalized in Norway, players can still enjoy licensed horse racing. At the same time, the profits that a supervising institution receives are divided between different equestrian organizations. This practice is not new in the country, but new changes have been announced recently. Thus, there will be a new mechanism for the distribution of Norsk Rikstoto profits. Let’s take a look at how it will function.

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Following the new restrictions on advertising of the gambling industry in Spain, a new Royal Decree on Responsible Gambling Environments has been approved. This decree includes multiple restrictions and rules that should be taken into consideration when it comes to players with compulsive gambling behaviors. Customers of casinos and the operators themselves have about half a year to adjust to new rules. So, let’s see what new restrictions should be implemented by casinos that have Spanish gambling licenses and whom they can affect.


Different institutions consider compulsory gambling an important issue in different markets, and they try to introduce different solutions to decrease the percentage of such cases and ensure responsible gambling. One such recent suggestion is the proposal of the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) to the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) to introduce a list of clear markets of harm in gambling.

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Gambling is popular worldwide, so the aspect of responsible gambling is now more important than ever. Thus, it is no surprise that many countries implement stricter rules to protect their citizens and secure a safe gaming experience for them. As a result, software developers and online operators must follow those rules in regulated markets and be compliant with offered requirements. NOVOMATIC is one of those companies that does not only adapt to the offered changes, but it also pioneers different initiatives, and G4 certification is one of them.

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For now, India, the country with millions of people interested in gambling, does not have a regulated market with licensed operators and secure play for those who decide to try casino entertainment. Players choose casinos whose activity is not regulated in the country and take some risks in the process. However, everything could change soon as a new bill aimed at the launch of a regulated gambling market in India was introduced to parliament in April 2022. 

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There is a great piece of news for Greek residents and fans of Play’n GO, as this Swedish software provider becomes one of the first studios that received a new Greek gambling license. Why is the reissue of the license needed? Authorities in Greece have recently made several important changes to the gaming industry, so casinos and software providers are to be compliant with them.