Denmark Tightens Casino Game Supplier Regulations from 2025

Denmark Tightens Casino Game Supplier Regulations from 2025

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Denmark is revamping its regulatory landscape for casino game suppliers. The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) has announced a new licensing system that will come into effect on January 1, 2025.

Preparing for the New Landscape

To ensure a smooth transition, applications for these licenses will be accepted starting September 1, 2024. The DGA has made resources readily available for prospective applicants. The "Game Suppliers" section of their website provides comprehensive information, including application forms and guidance materials.

Focus on Rigorous Testing and Certification

A key aspect of the new regulations is the requirement for thorough testing and inspection of casino game offerings for Danish players. This includes games, platforms, business procedures, and systems. These evaluations must be conducted by an accredited testing company and adhere to the DGA's certification program.

Aligning with Updated Certification Program

The DGA is currently revising its certification program to provide clearer guidelines for both casino operators and game suppliers. This updated program is expected to be available for public consultation by mid-July 2024, coinciding with its official implementation on January 1, 2025. Additionally, standardized reports will be updated to reflect the new program requirements.

Streamlined Application Process and New Games Register

To streamline the application process for casino game suppliers, the DGA will introduce a new portal named the "Games Register" by October 1, 2024. This online platform will allow applicants to upload information and game certificates, simplifying submissions.

Existing Certifications Remain Valid, but Updated Program Takes Effect

The new regulations won't render existing game certifications obsolete. Games and systems already tested and inspected will remain valid under the current system. However, strict adherence to the updated certification program will be mandatory from July 1, 2025, onwards.

Early Adoption Encouraged for Smooth Compliance

The DGA encourages game suppliers and operators to familiarize themselves with the updated program as soon as it's available. This proactive approach will ensure compliance with the new regulations come 2025.

The news of stricter licensing comes on the heels of the DGA's recent report on Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) for May, revealing a slight year-on-year decrease of 3.4%.