Alderney`s Gambling Revenue Up, Deficit Reduced

Alderney`s Gambling Revenue Up, Deficit Reduced


The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) has reported a significant boost in revenue for the Channel Island jurisdiction in 2023. The commission's profit reached £2.35 million, marking a £636,000 increase compared to 2022. This positive trend is attributed to a "strong rebound by the online gambling sector worldwide" following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Increased Investment and Fiscal Improvement

The States of Alderney council has strategically allocated these funds. A substantial portion, £1.85 million, will be directed towards capital spending projects aimed at improving the island's infrastructure. Additionally, £496,000 will be directed towards Alderney eGambling Limited (AeGL), the state-owned entity responsible for processing new licensing inquiries. This investment demonstrates the council's commitment to fostering a thriving online gambling sector within Alderney.

Furthermore, the island has witnessed a significant reduction in its revenue budget deficit. Policy and Finance Committee chairman Nigel Vooght reported that the deficit has been more than halved, now sitting at £222,000. This positive development is attributed to a collective effort across all government departments and committees.

Meeting the Deficit and Looking Forward

While a slight deficit remains, Mr. Vooght assures the public that accumulated reserves remain at a "reasonable level" and will be used to cover the remaining shortfall. The deficit itself stemmed from increased costs associated with changes in healthcare provision and the establishment of a robust ambulance service in 2022.

Despite the deficit, Vooght emphasizes the island's positive fiscal position. He reiterates the council's commitment to exploring new revenue streams while implementing efficiency measures. Ultimately, the aim is to ensure adequate resources are available for government departments to continue providing high-quality services to the community.

We are in a reasonable fiscal position and we remain committed to looking at new opportunities to generate income. We must also continue to make efficiencies wherever possible whilst ensuring funding is available so that staff have adequate resources to continue to provide high quality services to the community,” he said.