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Casino Glossary

  • Taking the Odds


    A bet that can be made on either the pass line or come bet after a point has been established. The best craps bet, as the house has no advantage over the player.

    See also: Laying the Odds

  • Talon


    The undealt part of the deck. Also called the stub or stock.

  • Tapping Out


    A player losing all of their money.

  • Ten Poor


    A deck that has fewer tens and face cards than the average. A disadvantage to a blackjack player.

  • Ten Rich


    A deck that has more tens and face cards than the average. An advantage to a blackjack player.

  • Tens or Better VP (10+)

    Video Poker

    A video poker game in which the player must have at least a pair of 10s to win. Similar to Jacks or better.

  • Texas Holdem


    The most popular version of poker. Each player receives two down cards, and can use five shared community cards to make the best hand.

    Synonym: Hold’em

  • Third Base


    The player to the dealer's far right or the spot the player occupies. The player is the last to act before the dealer. Also called the anchor.

  • Third Street


    The first round of betting in seven-card stud. So-called because the player has three cards at this point.

  • Thirty days or Thirty miles


    Slang for three 10s.

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