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Casino Glossary

  • Basic Strategy


    A relatively simple strategy designed to improve a player's chances, particularly in blackjack.

    See also: Aggressive Play

  • Bust Card


    The card that causes a blackjack hand to go over 21.

    See also: Bust

  • Hard Hand


    Any hand where an ace cannot be valued as 11, e.g. A95. The opposite of a soft hand, e.g. A6.

    Antonym: Soft Hand

  • Face Up


    A variation on blackjack where all cards are dealt face up. The rules are somewhat different to compensate for this player advantage.

  • Anchor


    The player seated at the dealer's furthest right at a blackjack table, and therefore the last to act before the dealer. Also called third base.

    See also: Dealer

  • Split Hand


    A hand formed by splitting two cards of the same rank into two separate hands (allowed when they are the player's first two cards).

  • Perfect Pairs


    A side bet that is won when a player's first two cards are a pair. Various payouts are offered, the highest being when they are a perfect pair, i.e. the same card in a multi-deck game.

  • Spread Limit


    The minimum and maximum amount a player can bet at a table.

  • Settlement


    When a dealer pays a winning bet, takes away losing ones or does nothing with ties.

  • Single or Double Decks


    A blackjack game which uses one or two decks, respectively. Fewer decks favors the player.

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