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  • Fishhooks

    PokerVideo Poker

    Slang for jacks.

  • Royal Flush Wild

    Video Poker

    A royal flush made with one or more wild cards.

  • Inside Straight/Gutshot/One-Grapper

    PokerVideo Poker

    Four cards to a straight with a gap inside, e.g. 7543 (vs 7654, an "open ender" that has double the chance of making the straight).

  • Bonus Deluxe Video Poker

    Video Poker

    A video poker game that offers a higher-than-normal payout (80 to 1) for 4 of a kind, but lower for a full house and two pair.

  • Maximum Bet

    CasinoSlotsVideo Poker

    The largest bet allowed at a game. Also known as a table limit. In slots or video poker, a button to play the maximum amount.

  • Super Aces VP/All Aces Online

    Video Poker

    A video poker game base on Jacks or Better with an increased payout for four of a kinds.

  • 9/6

    Video Poker

    The payout for a full house and flush, respectively, in many video poker games (e.g. Jacks or Better).

  • Bonus Deuces 9/4 VP

    Video Poker

    A video poker game that offers a 2000 payout for four deuces with an ace kicker, as well as higher payouts for five 3's, 4's or 5's.

  • Quads

    PokerVideo Poker

    Another name for four of a kind.

  • Four Card Royal Flush

    Video Poker

    Four cards of a royal flush, needing one and only one card to complete the hand.

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