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  • Caribbean Stud Poker


    A table game based on 5-card stud, but played against the dealer only and with different betting and payouts.

    Synonym: Super Stud Poker, Viking Poker

  • Casino Advantage


    The long-term theoretical advantage of the casino or "house" over players.

    Synonym: Casino Edge

  • Case


    The last remaining card in the deck of a specific rank.

    Synonym: Corner Bet

  • Call


    Staying in the hand by matching the current bet.

  • Circle


    The marked area on a table where a player places their bet.

    Synonym: Come Box

  • Come


    A type of bet made after the point has been established. If not won or lost immediately, it establishes a second point, allowing a player to take odds on that number.

    Antonym: Don't Come Bet

  • Casino Rate


    A courtesy lower hotel room rate offered by casinos to their more valued customers.

  • Choppy Game


    A session that does not favor either the casino or the roulette players.

  • Comps or comp points


    Inducements offered by a casino to get gamblers to play at their establishment, such as free dinners, rooms or gifts.

  • Cashcheck


    On some online casinos, a feature to review one's financial transaction history.

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