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Casino Glossary

  • Basic Strategy


    A relatively simple strategy designed to improve a player's chances, particularly in blackjack.

    See also: Aggressive Play

  • Bust Card


    The card that causes a blackjack hand to go over 21.

    See also: Bust

  • Bonus Deluxe Video Poker

    Video Poker

    A video poker game that offers a higher-than-normal payout (80 to 1) for 4 of a kind, but lower for a full house and two pair.

  • Ball


    A white ball used to determine the winning roulette number; the dealer spins it around the wheel, and it eventually falls into a numbered slot.

    Synonym: Pill

  • Bonus Multiplier or Wild Slots


    A slot machine with wild symbols, scatter pays and/or free spins. Betting the maximum results in better payouts.

    Synonym: Bonus Multiplier Slots

  • Buffalo


    A bet on all the hard ways (22, 33, 44, 55) and any 7. The last is a one-roll bet.

  • Back Line Skinner


    A bet that 7 will be the next roll.

  • Boxcars


    A roll of 12 or a bet that the next roll will be 12

  • Bonus Deuces 9/4 VP

    Video Poker

    A video poker game that offers a 2000 payout for four deuces with an ace kicker, as well as higher payouts for five 3's, 4's or 5's.

  • Back Door


    Making a good hand with the last two cards dealt.

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