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Casino Glossary

  • Grind


    Using a small advantage to win slowly, especially in poker.

  • Going Down


    Losing money gambling.

  • Games per hour


    In slots, a measure of how quickly someone plays.

    Synonym: Game Speed

  • Gambler's Anonymous (


    A support group that helps those who have problems with gambling.

  • Gambling


    Risking money in a game in an attempt to win money.

  • Gutshot


    A draw to an inside straight, where only a card of one rank will make the straight, e.g. 6432, needing a 5 and only a 5.

  • Grinder


    A player who consistently makes small bets and/or takes minimal risk while playing. In some games, such as poker, this strategy may lead to small but consistent winnings. When thinking systematically about the game and trying to improve the way they play, grinders may accumulate some capital slowly but steadily. Hardcore poker grinders may show high levels of skill and control and use poker as a source of income. In other games, e.g. Craps, grinding leads to an overall loss over time.

    Some people consider grinding a boring playing method, which does not provide enough monetary reward. For others, it is a relatively cheap and easy way to relax and maybe even to make a nice little profit. Please see the list of casinos that also have poker rooms.

    Antonym: High Roller

  • Gross Winnings


    What a player cashes out, before deducting the player's own money used for gambling.

    Synonym: Aggregate Winnings

  • Get Down


    Place a bet.

  • Green


    The standard color of $25 chips.

    See also: Red, Black

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