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  • Wager Management


    A player's deliberate strategy regarding how to use their bankroll.

  • Wager



    1. An agreement or pledge to pay an amount of money as a result of the outcome of an unsettled matter. An amount staked on the outcome of such a matter or event. The act of betting. A bet. A stake. A gamble. Money that is risked for a possible monetary gain.


    He placed a wager on a soccer game.

    I have a wager on that horse.

    What's your wager?

    You can make your wagers online or by phone.

    The wager for this promotion is 25 times deposit plus bonus.

    2. To wager means to bet or to risk something, most often money, on the outcome of an unsettled matter, contest, event, etc.


    He wagered $3000 on Blackjack last night.


    You need to wager a bonus 40 times before you can withdraw your winnings.


    How much more do I have to wager to complete the bonus requirements?

    Synonym: Bet

  • Wagering Requirements


    Conditions that must be met in order for a player to receive a bonus offered by the casino. E.g. betting a total of $1000 within 30 days.

  • Web Wallet


    A software tool to manage and facilitate online money transactions.

    Synonym: E-Wallet

  • Whale


    The very highest of high rollers. A wealthy individual who regularly bets very large sums, and is therefore sought after and given the most lavish comps by casinos.

    See also: High Roller

  • Wheel


    1) In poker, A2345, the best low hand (when straights do not count for lows);

    2) The roulette wheel.

  • White meat


    Winnings or profit from playing poker.

  • Wide Area Progressives or WAP


    Slot machines that are linked to others in other casinos. This builds up the jackpots more quickly.

  • Wild Card


    A special card that can be used to complete a hand. In pai gow poker, it is restricted to being an ace or completing a flush or straight.

  • Wild Royal Flush

    PokerVideo Poker

    A royal flush made with one or more wild cards. This usually pays less than one without wild cards.

    See also: Wild Card

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