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  • Royal Flush Wild

    Video Poker

    A royal flush made with one or more wild cards.

  • River


    The last card dealt in a hand.

  • RNG (Random Number Generator)


    A device that chooses pseudo-random numbers. Not truly random, as the sequence can be duplicated, hence "pseudo".

  • Reported Payout Time


    The player-reported amount of time it takes for a casino to transfer money withdrawn by the player.

    See also: Advertised Payout Time

  • Round


    A period of betting after a certain number of cards have been dealt out. In tournaments, a (usually timed) period of play.

  • Red Bet


    A bet on the 18 red numbers. Pays 1 to 1.

    Antonym: Black Bet

  • Rag


    A low card of no use to the player.

  • Rolled Up


    In stud poker, a three of a kind made with the first three cards. A very powerful starting hand.

  • Row Bet


    A bet on three numbers on one of the 12 rows or streets. Pays 11 to 1. Also known as a street bet.

  • Rien Ne Vas Plus


    French term ("nothing goes") meaning that no more bets will be accepted.

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