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Casino Glossary

  • Lay Bet


    A bet that a 7 will roll before the number a player lays.

  • Late Surrender


    A player option to give up half the original bet after the dealer checks for, but doesn't find a blackjack.

  • Long Run


    The point, after enough rounds of play, where the cumulative actual outcome approaches the theoretical mathematical expectation.

    Antonym: Short Run

  • Line Bet


    1) In slots, the amount bet on each active line;

    2) In roulette, a bet on six numbers in two adjacent rows, e.g. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

  • Linked Jackpot


    A jackpot that is built up from the bets on multiple machines, and can be won by any player on those machines.

  • Low Poker


    A poker variant where the worst hand wins. E.g. when straights do not count, A2345 cannot be beaten.

  • Ladies

    PokerVideo Poker

    Poker term for queens.

  • Lobby


    The screen of an online casino where the game selection and news and announcements are presented.

  • La Partage


    If a 0 or 00 comes up, one of three things can happen to an even-money bet (e.g. black, even), from worst to best: a loss, la partage and en prison. In la partage, the player loses half their bet.

  • Live Card


    A card that has not been dealt yet.

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