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Casino Glossary

  • Streak Betting


    A player strategy to increase or decrease their bet based on the previous outcome or outcomes.

  • Bust Card


    The card that causes a blackjack hand to go over 21.

    See also: Bust

  • Grind


    Using a small advantage to win slowly, especially in poker.

  • Double Deck


    The use of two decks in a card game. In blackjack, more decks increases the casino's advantage.

  • Draw


    In poker, discarding cards and receiving replacements in the hope of improving a hand.

  • Bonus Deluxe Video Poker

    Video Poker

    A video poker game that offers a higher-than-normal payout (80 to 1) for 4 of a kind, but lower for a full house and two pair.

  • Case


    The last remaining card in the deck of a specific rank.

    Synonym: Corner Bet

  • Ball


    A white ball used to determine the winning roulette number; the dealer spins it around the wheel, and it eventually falls into a numbered slot.

    Synonym: Pill

  • River


    The last card dealt in a hand.

  • Maximum Bet

    CasinoSlotsVideo Poker

    The largest bet allowed at a game. Also known as a table limit. In slots or video poker, a button to play the maximum amount.

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