Betsson Group Presents a New Concept of Global Marketing!

Betsson Group Presents a New Concept of Global Marketing!

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Betsson company celebrates its 60th anniversary in the gaming industry with a new global marketing concept. It goes under the title “A bet makes a difference” and presumes that all promotional messages should emphasize the excitement of gaming and not of winning. 

Upon establishing an in-house international creative hub, Betsson Group has decided to unify the idea expressed through promotions and marketing materials across different markets. This new global marketing concept will be introduced in over 10 markets in Europe and Latin America. 

This concept focuses mainly on the excitement for gambling or betting activities and not only on winnings from it. Kay Höök, Global Brand Director of Betsson, explains that the goal behind this concept is to highlight the excitement that players can feel when they place bets. Thus, even though potential winnings from the bets remain a possibility, the main idea is having an exciting time while gambling responsibly. Thus, the excitement is still there even if players do not win. 

Kay Höök also adds: “While we can’t control the excitement of a match or guarantee wins, we can assure our customers that placing a bet, small or big, will amplify the excitement.” 


The new global marketing concept by Betsson has already been introduced in Latin America, the region where this group has shown solid growth within the last couple of years. Currently, Betsson is the sponsor of a legendary Argentinian football club Boca Juniors. 

To support their sponsorship activities and raise brand awareness in Argentina, the company has released “the most ambitious commercial yet” that shows “Betsson as the most exciting brand in the industry”, in Jesper Svensson, CEO of Betsson Group, words.

This commercial, directed by an award-winning Rodrigo Saavedra, depicts how a regular sports event can be transformed into an exciting and exhilarating experience when a person places a bet on its outcome. Filmed in a style that resonates with the brand’s philosophy, this commercial shifts the focus from winning to entertainment brought by the betting process itself.


Betsson Group is a Swedish company that was founded in 1963. It currently owns over 20 brands that provide casino entertainment to players across different continents. Still, the focus of the group is on European and Latin American markets. Some of the renowned brands that belong to Betsson are BetSafeNordicBet, and StarCasino.

At the same time, LeoVegas plans to enter the Dutch gambling market