Welcome Bonuses and Special Odds Will Be Banned in The New South Wales

Welcome Bonuses and Special Odds Will Be Banned in The New South Wales

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Betting legislation in Australia constantly evolves to make this type of entertainment more secure and encourage players to gamble responsibly. Thus, there are some upcoming changes to the betting laws in The New South Wales, as welcome offers and special odds can be banned in the future.

The gaming and betting industry in NSW is currently regulated by the Betting and Racing Act 1998 and the Betting and Racing Regulation 2012, along with the Totalizator Act 1997 and the Totalizator Regulation 2012, but they expire on the 1st of September 2022. Therefore, the New South Wales Liquor and Gaming Authority has developed new regulations that include some restrictions that influence the work of operators, sports betting destinations, and even gambling related advertising.


As Betting and Racing legislation states that people should not be encouraged to gamble through advertisements, welcome offers and special odds should be removed. The reason for that is that such offers require players to create new accounts to claim bonuses. Thus, the New South Wales Liquor and Gaming Authority plans to ban them in a couple of months. 

Moreover, those restrictions also forbid gambling-related advertisements during some sports events. Individuals and corporations that break the law would have to pay a fine of AUS$5,500 and AUS$15,000 respectively. The Liquor and Gaming Authority is the institution that has the power to decide whether a specific advertisement violates the ban. 

There is one more thing that is introduced in this new law that has not been mentioned in previous editions of the legislation that regulates gambling. This is the sports controlling body. The Minister responsible for liquor, gaming and racing legislation is to be the one who approves applications for becoming the controlling body on a specific sports event. 

The described regulations are not implemented yet, as public consultations have just finished. Those consultations allowed the public to fill out the form and express feedback on any element of the upcoming law. Some changes to the law might be made because of those public consultations.

Other countries are also working on changes to betting legislation. Thus, India may launch a regulated gambling market soon to prevent players from visiting online casinos that are not licensed and regulated in the country. One of the reasons for the launch of the market is to provide players with a more secure gaming experience.

At the same time, Canada discusses the possibility of lifting the ban on single-event betting.