SYNOT Games: “Gaming Is Slowly Going back to Its Roots”

SYNOT Games: “Gaming Is Slowly Going back to Its Roots”

KeyToCasino Introduces a New Name in Software Developing

Although, while the studio is new to the industry, people standing behind it are definitely not. This software developer is a part of SYNOT Group – an international network of companies existing since 1991 and delivering services and solutions across a number of gaming business sectors.

SYNOT Games enters the market with 20+ releases in its portfolio, an ambitious plan to continue refreshing its collection of games with new creations on a monthly basis, and with loyalty to high standards of production, which to this team is all in the details. Today the executive director of the studio, Ivan Kodaj, shares his thoughts on the gaming industry and competition within it, and talks about the difference that SYNOT Games is ready to introduce to online entertainment.


Q.: The homepage of your website welcomes readers with the tagline “Brand new gaming experience”. In today’s competitive sphere of e-gaming development, what does this mean to you?

Apart from developing superbly designed games with exciting features, we are trying to provide an “omnichannel experience” - entertaining players at any place and time. The games are using pure HTML5 technology, are available in qHD, HD and FullHD resolution, can be played on any device and integrated to any platform using a seamless wallet integration API.

Simply put, as the players slowly move from land-based world to online, we don’t want them to miss any of the fun. Whether they play on desktop or mobile, all features, graphics, sound remain in top-notch quality.

“As the players slowly move from land-based world to online, we don’t want them to miss any of the fun.”

Q.: In your opinion, what do players like more – classic slots or modern releases with complex features, level-based play, etc.? Which of these two types do you give preference to when creating new releases?

It is difficult to say because the preferences change from market to market. Our approach is “portfolio focused”. That means we want to offer the players everything they know from the casino and show them the same kind of entertainment can be experienced wherever they are.

The point is to provide a new perspective, go the extra mile with detailed graphics, sound, be innovative and even a classic fruity one can impress the crowds.

Q.: Please, share your observations from participating in ICE Totally Gaming-2017? What are the upcoming tendencies in the industry that the players should look forward to?’

Obviously, new emerging technologies open doors to everything. Of course we’ve seen this reflecting in gaming as well, with increasing mobile devices use etc. On the other hand, gaming is slowly going back to its roots – the classic concept, or as some might say true gambling, and not just technological miracles.

Also, compared to few years back, when we saw many small innovative companies and startups attending, this trend is now slowly fading and I think the big players dominate again.

Q.: We noticed that sound in your releases – both background music and sound effects from the spinning reels and appearing symbols – is of outstanding quality, and close to a cinematic one. Is this something you are concerned about? Why? Because it is quite often that players just turn the sound off when playing.

We are simply trying to maximize the players experience in every aspect, let them enjoy it with all their senses. Sound can simply draw them into the game. For example, Moonlight Fortune is a great example of a game that is an extraordinary experience for both eyes and ears.

Of course, some people might be bothered by it and just turn it off - their choice. However, if they ever decide to turn the volume on, are pleasantly surprised and enjoy our game more, it just might be our competitive edge.

“Compared to few years back, when we saw many small innovative companies and startups attending, this trend is now slowly fading and I think the big players dominate again.”

Q.: Which of studio’s releases have been the most successful among the online community thus far? And which are the team’s favorites?

Again, it depends on the market. It is interesting to see how particular games have performed also compared to our personal preferences - sometimes it is quite surprising.

Of course, we enjoy the creative process of the visually rich, thematic games with lots of features but at the end of the day, the players are there for the excitement, thrill of the game and might appreciate simplicity and straightforward things. For example, Blazing Ice, which is a classic fruity concept with ice and fire elements, or another fruity slot Joker 40 are among the most played in several countries.

On the other hand, we couldn’t’ be more proud that some of our personal favorites, Alchemist’s Gold, as well as the Old West-themed Wild Job are a turning out to be a great success and ranked very high among the most played as well.

Q.: Are there any new slot machines coming by the end of 2017? If so, please share some backstage details about what the gamers should prepare for?

By the end of 2017, we are launching a couple more games and they are a very diverse bunch. We don’t want to spoil any surprise, but there are several fruity ones, but also an oriental theme and a 256-way vampire-themed slot. Our long-term plan is to launch at least 1 new game every month, so there is definitely a lot to look forward to. Follow us on social media or check our website to stay up-to-date ☺