Streamlined Crypto Payments for Casinos: NuxGame & Worldline Partner Up

Streamlined Crypto Payments for Casinos: NuxGame & Worldline Partner Up

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NuxGame, a leading force in betting and iGaming software, has joined forces with Worldline in a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration aims to simplify and streamline payment solutions for online crypto casinos, marking a significant shift in the global payment landscape for operators.

One-Stop Payment Powerhouse

NuxGame clients can now leverage a single API to handle payments from a staggering network of over 260 providers. This eliminates the need for multiple integrations, resulting in faster, more efficient transactions tailored to individual needs. Additionally, operators can say goodbye to hefty operational costs and embrace a future of increased legitimate transactions.

Catering to the Crypto Boom

Worldline's payment orchestration platform seamlessly supports both traditional currencies and alternative options like cryptocurrency, making it a perfect fit for the burgeoning crypto casino sector. This partnership offers flexibility for both established operators looking to optimize their existing setup and newcomers seeking a robust payment infrastructure from the outset.

Building on a Strong Foundation

This isn't NuxGame's first foray into innovative payment solutions. The partnership with Worldline follows their recent integration with Apcopay, further solidifying their commitment to expanding capabilities with top payment processors. This dedication translates to a seamless user experience for players, enabling them to effortlessly purchase and convert cryptocurrencies directly on the platform.

Focus on What Matters

Denis Kosinsky, Chief Operating Officer at NuxGame, emphasizes the benefits of the partnership: "Our integration with Worldline provides a SaaS payment orchestration platform that optimizes payment flow, increases approval rates, and reduces costs, all while ensuring secure card data handling."

"At NuxGame," Kosinsky continues, "we anticipate the needs of operators and deliver scalable solutions, empowering our customers to focus on what truly matters”. 

This empowers our clients to focus their energy on what truly matters – creating a thriving online casino experience for their players.