The Popularity of Women’s Sports Among Bettors Soars Significantly!

The Popularity of Women’s Sports Among Bettors Soars Significantly!


Both female and male bettors become more interested in women’s sports, so it has a big potential for the future. That is the main conclusion from the recent research released by Stats Perform and Women’s Sports Group and conducted by the independent YouGov company.

This research answers the emerging question about the potential of the rising women’s sports nowadays and provides valuable information for sports media, sportsbooks, and sponsors on how to incorporate this niche into their long-term strategy.

The research was built on the answers given by 2,500 men and 2,000 women who are keen on sports betting. Its results reveal the following:

  • Men and women are equally interested in women’s sports, so those media and sportsbooks that kept focus on men’s sports should consider shifting focus.
  • Bettors of both genders would like to have more information about games that are part of women’s sports. That is a signal for sports analytics and experts not to neglect this part of sports competitions.
  • Women as bettors are more interested in the social aspect of betting than male bettors are. 
  • Both female and male bettors expect to watch more broadcasts of women’s sports in the upcoming 12 months. Such answers were given by over 90% of regular bettors. Thus, TV programs of top sports channels might change in the near future.
  • Men and women consume women’s sports (both broadcasts and news) mainly online and in mobile apps.


There are not so many surprises in this part of the research, as women's tennis continues to be the most popular kind of sport among both genders. Furthermore, its popularity has increased steadily. 

At the same time, women’s football has become one of the top four most popular sports nowadays. It is watched by both female and male bettors, and they show equal interest in It. Yet, many of them admit that there is a lack of associated betting options, so those involved in the betting industry are offered a clear point for improvement. 

This research by Stats Perform and Women’s Sports Group confirms the results of similar research released the previous year. 

Let’s wait for a while to see if it triggers adjustments in media and sportsbook to satisfy the rising demand for women’s sports.

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