The First Permanent Casino to Open in Nebraska Soon!

The First Permanent Casino to Open in Nebraska Soon!


A big event for gamblers in Nebraska takes place on May 13th, as the first permanent casino should open on that day in Columbus. It will be a full-fledged and state sanctioned place for those keen on gambling, and players from three states will be able to visit it. As a result, the opening is a big milestone for the entire casino sphere in the state.

Nebraska has three functioning gambling destinations, but Harrah’s Columbus will be the first in the permanent facility. All the others are located in temporary places, and they will not move to permanent locations until the beginning of the next year.

Harrah’s Columbus will take 17,000-square-foot and will feature a Brew Brothers restaurant and a 1-mile horse track, which should be opened in August. Still, the first horses might be taken to the track to test it as early as June. Inside the casino, players will have 400 slot machines and 11 table games, including roulette and craps. Caesar’s sportsbook and racebook are also available in the area. 

The owners of the facility hope that the geography of visitors will not be limited to Nebraska state. They expect to see some players from Norfolk and Grand Island, as well as Omaha and Lincoln. It is not that long a distance from all the locations, as gamblers can be at the casino within 90 minutes driving. However, players from Omaha will not need to leave the state to enjoy gambling, so gaming tourism from that region is certainly a temporary thing.


Harrah’s Columbus has some history incorporated into the casino. It is built in the place that was called Wishbones, and it was known as an entertainment venue for many years. Many citizens recognize this name, and the owners have decided to keep it as the name of the sports bar.

Gambling in the United States is no longer limited to several states, as it has been for many years. More and more gambling locations are opening across the country, so we can witness a steady development of this type of entertainment in the country. Furthermore, the number of software providers constantly expands, so US gamblers have a more diverse choice of gaming environments at their disposal.

There is another side of the coin in the rapid development of gambling in the region, so more attention is paid to responsible gaming. Thus, ICRG initiates the research of the impact of this type of entertainment on underserved groups. Playtech announces it is going to support this research.