Red Rake Gaming Launches Blackjack with 7 Variations

Red Rake Gaming Launches Blackjack with 7 Variations

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Red Rake Gaming has prepared a special release for all players interested in table games. There is now an opportunity to enjoy a brand-new version of popular blackjack. The game comes in seven variations and allows players to challenge the dealer and try a range of surprising features.


Each variation of Red Rake’s blackjack has a slight difference that grants players a surprising gaming experience. Thus, they can play with up to four simultaneous hands, place side bets, split a hand, double the bet, and far more.


“the game comes with seven variations”

To get into more details, seven types of blackjack are the following:


  • Vegas Strip: here you can play with 4 decks and 4 hands at the same time;

  • Atlantic City: it gives you a chance to surrender if your initial hand is not satisfying;

  • European: as long as a dealer has Ten or Ace, he/she will not check the second card until the end of the hand;

  • Double Exposure: it is possible to place side bets and the croupier’s second card is exposed;

  • Switch: there are only two hands, but you can switch second cards of those hands. There is also a Supermatch bet that allows you to multiply your win;

  • Fast: this type of Blackjack is played up 4-12 hands.

  • VIP: the type that allows you to get the win of up to 100:1.


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