Cool Jewels by Williams Interactive

'Cool Jewels' by 'Williams Interactive'. Click the image to enlarge.'Cool Jewels' by 'Williams Interactive'. Click the image to enlarge.'Cool Jewels' by 'Williams Interactive'. Click the image to enlarge.'Cool Jewels' by 'Williams Interactive'. Click the image to enlarge.'Cool Jewels' by 'Williams Interactive'. Click the image to enlarge.'Cool Jewels' by 'Williams Interactive'. Click the image to enlarge.'Cool Jewels' by 'Williams Interactive'. Click the image to enlarge.'Cool Jewels' by 'Williams Interactive'. Click the image to enlarge.'Cool Jewels' by 'Williams Interactive'. Click the image to enlarge.'Cool Jewels' by 'Williams Interactive'. Click the image to enlarge.
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The Cool Jewels slot by Williams Interactive has six reels. Symbols on the screen are also arranged in six rows, so, there can be 36 elements placed simultaneously.

There are a lot of special symbols, apart from the usual ones. Also, there are a variety of prize-winning features, including additional multipliers for winnings, free spins and many others!

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Cool rewards

Players can play Cool Jewels slot game by placing bets, which should be multiples of 50. There are no active lines in this video slot. Paid combinations are formed by four or more identical symbols. They should form a continuous chain, connected with each other horizontally or vertically. Furthermore, symbols that form winning combos explode, and another falling symbol then takes their place. This process continues until no more combinations are formed (no more than thirty updates in one round). Thus, we see the Cascading Symbols Feature in action.

Interestingly, the Cool Jewels slot machine has no multipliers, which would accrue winnings for the chain symbols. Instead, there is a special scale with divisions on the right side of the screen (resembling a thermometer). Each division has anywhere from six to fifteen points. When a combination is formed, the symbols that are used for this combination fill the scale: 1 symbol = 1 point. While the level is in the first section, the payment for each of the symbols in the chain is equal to 1/50 of the total bet. As soon as the level rises to the second division, the payment for the symbol will increase to 2/50 of the total bet. At the top division, where there are no points, the calculation of a player’s winnings is done by multiplying each of the elements of the combination by the total bet made on the spin.

If there are multiple winning combinations, payments on them are calculated in the following order: first, from bottom to top, and then from left to right. The theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is 96.1%.

Precious tips

The basic symbols of WMS Cool Jewels are eight stones of different shapes and colors. They operate under the general rules, forming combinations and then exploding.

In addition, the Cool Jewels slot has some special symbols: Shocking Wild (green star), Unstable Wild (eight-pointed pink star), Shattering Wild (yellow star), Persisting Wild (eight-pointed yellow star), Premium 10x (diamond), Bonus (Cool Jewels logo), Green Watermark (translucent label Wild), Pink Watermark (translucent image of a bomb with a wick) and Blue Watermark (translucent inscription 10x).

Their functions are:

  • Shocking Wild appears on the second through fifth reels. It replaces other symbols, and if it is a part of the combination, it explodes pictures in diagonal lines.
  • Unstable Wild appears on the four medium reels. It can replace other basic symbols in the combination, and when does, it explodes, destroying all of the symbols around it.
  • Shattering Wild can be seen on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels. It can substitute missing symbols in the usual chains. Then, it explodes the symbols located on the horizontal line and on the reel where it emerged.
  • 10x - differs from other multipliers by increasing the payouts of combinations.
  • Bonus - triggers free spins. Four or more bonus symbols give the player at least eight free spins. The amount of the bet for them remains the same.

The rest of the symbols appear as a result of the interaction of the mentioned Wilds. This occurs when they are adjacent to each other on adjacent reels.

  • Persisting Wild may also replace other basic symbols in the combinations. It appears when two identical Shocking Wild, Unstable Wild or Shattering Wild are close to each other. New Wild will remain on the screen as long as it drops to the bottom line. It will stop working when there are no new combos. Then, another free spin will be triggered.
  • Pink Watermark appears if Unstable Wild and Shattering Wild are close to each other. They occupy all the positions that cover Unstable Wild.
  • Blue Watermark can be seen after the Shattering Wild and Shocking Wild fall close to each other. They will be placed in positions activated by Shattering Wild. The next update of the combination formed in these cells will be covered with a tenfold multiplier.
  • Green Watermark falls if Unstable Wild and Shocking Wild appear on neighboring reels. They will be located in all the cells covered by the action of the Shocking Wild. In the next update, all the symbols there will turn into Wilds, substituting other elements.

Bonus Game Guarantee

The Free Game Bonus is established to pay out at least x10 of the amount of the total bet. Actually, any bonus feature that finishes with less than the x10 will be increased so that the initial bet is x10 bigger. The Free Game Bonus also works for any participating scatter symbol.

KeyToCasino verdict

Cool jewels is a game for fans of unusual entertainment. It is quite different from classic slot machines. If you are not too lazy to pay attention to the numerous rules of this video slot, you will definitely enjoy it.

The main advantage of the slot is the interesting game model and the game idea, which has many special features and unusual symbol interactions. Those who enjoy the spirit and idea of this game should look at a similar and quite famous game, Bejeweled. It also has precious stones as the main symbols, but the system of receiving rewards is more classical: the coefficient of a particular combination is multiplied by the initial bet. The first jackpot is x500 and it is earned by collecting 5 diamond symbols.