Two Pair Or Better games

What is Two Pair or Better?


This game is a part of Video Poker group, but it represents only a slight percentage (less than 1%) of all the entertainment in the group. You can find such a category only on our website, as we have analyzed a huge number of machines and have come up with a class that includes all games in which Two Pair is the lowest winning combination.


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Game Type: Two Pair or Better 

There are fewer than ten variations in the database, and all of them are released by well-known providers, such as Ash Gaming, 3DICE and Wazdan. Their rules are basically the same, just like the gameplay and winning combinations, but they can differ in the size of payouts. Thus, you can win anywhere from x200 to x5,000 credits, depending on the machine. The RTP is also not the same for all items in this category, so you can find games with a return to player from 97.86% to 98.2%, which is quite high. Such reputable brands as 3DICE, Vegas William Hill, Energy Casino and various others allow players to bet on this variation in their libraries. You can find more trustworthy operators below.


How to Play: General Rules


You need to place a bet and press the “Deal” button to receive a 5-card decision hand. After that, you must apply your strategy and decide which cards to hold. Then, you will draw new cards instead of those in your decision hand, which is when you can determine whether there is a winning combination or not. If you have a combination (should be Two Pair or higher), then a payout will be given.


The list of winning combinations with their possible payouts (based on Lucky Nugget by 3DICE) is as follows:

  • Royal Flush (payout for maximum bet: 5,000:1)

  • Straight Flush (500:1)

  • Four of a Kind (250:1)

  • Full House (75:1)

  • Flush (60:1)

  • Straight (50:1)

  • Three of a Kind (10:1)

  • Two Pair (5:1)


As you can see, there is no One Pair win, which is typical for Jacks or Better, but all the other combinations (except for Three of a Kind) give much higher payouts.


Playing Tips


If you decide to play this type of video poker, you can use a simple strategy that is extremely similar to that of Jacks or Better:

  • You should always keep a Royal Flush and Straight Flush;

  • Do not hesitate to hold four cards of a Royal Flush or Straight Flush;

  • Keep a Full House and Three of a Kind;

  • Hold Flush/Straight and four cards of any of these combinations;

  • Keep Two Pair instead of One Pair;

  • Prefer to hold One Pair over any High Card.


Our Opinion


This game is not extremely popular among players, likely due to the absence of payouts for One-Pair combinations. Nonetheless, payouts for the majority of combinations are much higher in comparison to, for example, Jacks or Better. We also recommend playing our Alternative Video Poker if you are eager for something new!