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The Alternative Video Poker page of our portal includes games, rules in which differ from the traditional ones. This classification is available only on our website, as it is our mixed category with releases that have different parameters. It is a part of large Video Poker group, representing slightly over 3.3% of all items in it. More than ten software providers contributed to this category of games, and the most popular of them are Microgaming, Playtech, and BetSoft.

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Louisiana Double Poker
Rating: 3

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  • RF 500
  • SF 75
  • 4knd 35
  • Full 9
  • Flush 6
  • Str-t 4
  • 3knd 2
  • Gamble Feature Yes
  • Max Winx2500
  • Advantage6.55%

As the Alternative Video Poker category includes different variations, some parameters can vary from one machine to another, and winning combinations along with the size of payouts are among them. Therefore, you can win from x100 to x5,000 credits for the strongest hand. In addition to that, you can try to score a progressive jackpot if you play a game, developed by Microgaming. There is an opportunity to play Alternative Video Poker in online operators for real money and free play. The RTP in such games varies from 93.45% to 99.8%.


General Rules Overview


If you’ve ever played Jacks or Better, you will be familiar with the rules of many options in this Alternative Video Poker collection. The procedure is to place a bet and press the ‘Deal’ button. Then a hand of three, five or seven cards is dealt, depending on the particular game. After that, the desired number of cards has to be selected to hold to increase the chances for a potentially winning combination. If there is any combination after new cards have been drawn, a payout is received according to the paytable.


The list of winning combinations depends on the chosen game, but the following payable hands are on every machine in this category:

  • Flush Royal

  • Straight Flush

  • Four of a Kind

  • Full House

  • Flush

  • Straight

  • Three of a Kind

  • Two Pair


Types of Alternative Video Poker Machines


There are different types of video poker included in this selection. They have different payouts and features, so we will tell you more about the most interesting among them:

  • Pick’Em Poker (the lowest winning combination is Nines or Better, and the payout for the Straight Flush is rarely high one);

  • 2 Ways Royal (there are both high and low Royal Flush combinations, but payouts for them are the same);

  • 7 Stud Poker (it is played with seven cards, but you can see only two of them at first; you need to place another bet to reveal the next card (zero bet is also an option) or you can reveal all cards at once by pressing ‘Deal All’;

  • Kings or Better (payouts start with one pair of Kings);

  • Cash Climb Poker (it gives bonus payout for Flush combination);

  • 3 Card Poker (it gives the hand of three cards and offers payouts for only five winning combinations);

  • High Fives (Four of a Kind combination created by 5s is second highest paid in this game);


Our Take

Alternative Video Poker is not an extremely popular category, yet it offers a wide range of games with different parameters, including high and bonus payouts. If you are more interested in video poker of a certain type, you can look through our large Video Poker group, which is comprised of more than 700 machines.