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Alternative roulette is a category, available only at our website. It includes games that differ from traditional roulette types. It belongs to the Table Games group, but it is not extremely common (there are only about fifteen machines in this category). Being a mixed classification, it may differ significantly in parameters. For example, there can be either numeric, non-numeric or mixed variations. In addition to that, most of the represented releases varies in several figures.




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Game Type: Alternative Roulette 

Double Bonus Spin Roulette Player's Suite
Rating: 2.9

Table Games -> Roulette -> Alternative Roulette Play for money

  • Pockets 39
  • Type Mixed
  • Call Bets No
  • Autoplay Yes
  • Max Auto Spins 50
  • Max Winx1200
  • Advantage1.94%

Card Roulette
Rating: 2.76

Table Games -> Roulette -> Alternative Roulette

888 Casino Software888 Casino Software
  • Pockets 54
  • Type Mixed
  • Call Bets Yes
  • Autoplay Yes
  • Max Auto Spins 25
  • Max Winx37
  • Advantage3.70%

Such popular software providers as Net Entertainment, IGT, and Playtech contributed to the content of this category. What is more, there is one alteration with a progressive jackpot, and it is developed by Ash Gaming. In general, games on this page vary not only in rules, gameplay, and availability of special features, but also in the size of payouts and the RTP percentage. Thus, one can win from x36 up to x1,200 credits playing an Alternative Roulette machine. The RTP ranges significantly so that it can be anywhere between 92.31% to 98.11%. This type of entertainment can be played in a wide range of online operators both for fun and for real money.


How to Play It


Basically, rules are extremely similar to those of other roulette types. You are to place one or more bets. Some stakes are the same as in American or European variations, but others are available only in Alternative type. The specific number of bets and payouts for them depends on the chosen alteration. Once stakes are placed, the dealer spins the wheel, and a player can see where the ball lands. If any of the bets wins, the gambler receives a payout according to the paytable.


Features of Alternative Roulette Types


As it is a mixed category, one can find different types of this entertainment, and the most frequent among them are:


  • Mini roulette. Usually it has thirteen numbers (1-12 and Zero); there is an opportunity to place a bet on even/odd, on single number, or on group of numbers;

  • Double/Triple Bonus. This variation often has numbers from 1 to 36, more than two “zeroes”, and a yellow spot. If a ball lands on a yellow spot, the gambler is rewarded with a certain number of free rounds;

  • Card roulette. A gambler is to wager on different cards and suits, instead of numbers. The number of spots is equal to 54 cards in a deck;

  • Zodiac type. This alteration has 13 spots, which correspond to the zodiac signs; one can bet on any of zodiac signs, a group of numbers or a zero;

  • Chinese variation. There are zodiac signs of Chinese horoscope instead of numbers.


The KeyToCasino Summary

Alternative roulette games are extremely popular among the visitors of our portal, especially those who are a bit bored of traditional variants. Machines represented in this selection range in features, so they can be of the card, numeric, mixed and some other kinds. They offer high payouts and a good RTP so that many gamblers prefer playing them in online operators. If you are a more conventional person, you can also enjoy American, European or French roulettes.