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French Roulette: Place on Your Lucky Number


Our French Roulette collection counts about thirty games in it. To compare, you can choose from more than two hundred releases if you play European roulette. Actually, the French variant is extremely similar to other roulette types, but there is one difference between them: the French version has a special rule, called “La Partage”. It gives players an opportunity to receive a half of their bet if a ball lands on Zero.

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Game Type: French Roulette 

There are no significant differences between releases represented on this page. However, some of them offer the Autospin option, while others do not. The size of payouts also differs, so you can get from x1 to x36 credits if your bet wins. The size of a payout depends on the game and its software provider. Thus, you can choose from about twenty developers, such as Net Entertainment, Microgaming, and IGT. The RTP varies from 97.3% to 98.65%. Check our list of reviewed casinos to play the game for free or real money.


Rules and Paytable Layout


You need to place bets on a certain number, line, and section on the table to start playing. French Roulette also has Call Bets that give you an opportunity to place a group of bets on the table in a certain ready-made pattern. As soon as this is done, please press the “Spin” button for a ball to spin on the wheel and land on a certain number. If any of your guesses appears to be the right one, you will receive a payout according to the paytable.


The paytable consists of two types of bets (inside and outside ones), which have different odds. If you want to try your luck with inside bets, you can put chips on:


  • Single number (if you guess, you can get a payout of 35:1);

  • Split bet, placed on two adjacent numbers (17:1);

  • Street bet that is placed on three adjacent numbers in a vertical row (11:1);

  • Square bet, placed on four adjacent numbers, which form a square (8:1);

  • Line bet, which is placed on six numbers that form two adjacent rows (5:1);


The other, outside, type of bets includes:


  • Column bet, placed on one of three sections, which consists of 12 numbers (2:1);

  • Dozen bet is placed on one of three horizontal lines that consist of 12 numbers each (2:1);

  • Red or black, even or odd bets (1:1).


Strategy Tips


Players can apply different strategies to win, but none of them can guarantee a big payout. Some strategies are more beneficial than others in certain situations. Thus, we will not focus on any of them, but we will provide you with several playing tips, recommended by experts:

  • Place low bets, as it gives you an opportunity to enjoy the game for a longer period of time. It is less risky as you do not need to put everything on stake;

  • Play with outside bets, especial even money one, as they give you higher chances for a win;

  • Do not play extremely long sessions: 20-30 spins in one session is enough.


Our Summary

The French Roulette game online is less popular than other types of this classification, but it is more beneficial. It has only one zero, which lowers the house edge, and you can receive half of your bet amount back if a ball lands on zero. In addition to that, the RTP is higher than that of American and European roulettes.