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American Roulette Statistics: Key Points for Successful Online Play


Being a part of Table Games big group, and Roulette subgroup, in particular, the American Roulette classification is quite spread one, as it makes up almost 15% of all roulette variations on our portal. There are about 45 American Roulette machines, and all of them are basically the same. Thus, you can just choose the title, developed by the software providers, that you like the most.

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Game Type: American Roulette 

American Roulette
Rating: 3.97

Table Games -> Roulette -> American Roulette Free playPlay for money

Net EntertainmentNet Entertainment
  • Pockets 38
  • Type Numeric
  • Call Bets No
  • Autoplay Yes
  • Max Auto Spins 1
  • Max Win-
  • Advantage5.26%

Roulette - American
Rating: 3.37

Table Games -> Roulette -> American Roulette Free playPlay for money

  • Pockets 38
  • Type Numeric
  • Call Bets No
  • Autoplay Yes
  • Max Auto Spins 1
  • Max Winx36
  • Advantage5.26%

There is a choice of more than 30 manufacturers that contributed to this type of entertainment, and the main companies among them are Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Playtech and Realtime Gaming. The size of payouts does not range much so that the minimum win is x35 and the maximum one is x36 credits. RTP ranges from 94.7% to 97.3%. A variety of these games are available in different casinos online with no download for real money and free play.


American Roulette Guide: Rules and Bets Explained


The wheel has 38 numbers (1-36 and 0 and 00), and you can place bets on one or several of these numbers. Your goal is to predict where the ball will land after you spin the wheel.


The betting system is quite complicated, as there are two types of bets: inside and outside ones. The list of inside bets includes:

  • Straight – a bet placed on single number (payout: 35:1);

  • Split – a bet placed on two adjoining numbers (17:1);

  • Street – a bet placed on three numbers in a vertical row (11:1);

  • Top Line – a bet on 0, 00, 1, 2 or 3 (6:1);

  • Corner – a bet on four numbers (8:1);

  • Six line – a bet placed on three numbers in two full vertical rows. In total, you should place a bet on six numbers (5:1);


Outside bets are as follows:

  • Column – is a bet on 12 numbers in a horizontal row. To place this bet you should put a chip on 2:1 area (2:1);

  • Dozen – a bet placed on 12 numbers, grouped in 3 vertical rows and 4 horizontal ones. Place a chip on 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12 to try your luck with this bet (2:1);

  • Red/Black –place a bet on either of these colors (1:1);

  • Even/Odd – a bet placed either on “Even” or “Odd” area (1:1);

  • 1-18 or 19-36 – a bet placed on “1-18” or “19-36”. For example, you placed a bet on “1-18” and you win if a ball lands on any of numbers from 1 to 18 (1:1).


American Roulette: Strategy to Win and Other Playing Tips


As you can see, American Roulette offers a big variety of bets, so you can find tips from experienced players, concerning the strategy of the game.


It is always better to put chips on outside bets. Despite the fact that payouts of this bet type are lower, the probability of a win is almost 50%. If you feel like making inside bets, it is better to avoid straight numbers, and place a chip on adjacent numbers.


Some software providers also offer a small hint in displaying hot and cold numbers, according to the last 500 bets.


Our Take on American Roulette


In addition to American Roulette, which is rather popular, there is also the European type. The difference between them is in the availability of the double zero in American Roulette, which you will not find in the European version. There is also French roulette, which is more beneficial in comparison to both of the previously mentioned types, as you can get half of your bet back if the ball lands on a single zero. If you are a big fan of roulette games, you can also enjoy options from the unique Alternative Roulette classification, which you can find only in our database.