Alternative Blackjack games

What is Alternative Blackjack?


Being a combined category, the Alternative Blackjack collection is a unique one available only at our portal, as we analyzed all games of this kind and joined all variations with the rules, which deviate much from classic Blackjack. Machines of this type belong to the larger Table Games and smaller Blackjack groups, making up more than 5% of all constituents in the latter.

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21 Duel Blackjack
Rating: 3.43

Table Games -> Card Games -> Blackjack Games -> Alternative Blackjack Play for money

  • Additional info coming soon
  • Max Winx20
  • Advantage1.62%

Double Attack Blackjack
Rating: 3.31

Table Games -> Card Games -> Blackjack Games -> Alternative Blackjack Play for money

Art of GamesArt of Games
  • Decks 8
  • Dbl on Any
  • Peek Yes
  • Surr Late
  • BJ pays 1-to-1
  • Max Winx1
  • Advantage0.62%

Blackjack Players Choice
Rating: 2.57

Table Games -> Card Games -> Blackjack Games -> Alternative Blackjack Play for money

1x2 Gaming1x2 Gaming
  • Decks 6
  • S17 Stand
  • Dbl on Any
  • Split to 2
  • Surr None
  • BJ pays 3-to-2
  • Max Winx2
  • Advantage2.40%

7 E Mezzo
Rating: 2.54

Table Games -> Card Games -> Blackjack Games -> Alternative Blackjack Play for money

  • Additional info coming soon
  • Max Winx2
  • Advantage1.87%

There are about twenty card variations of the game with different parameters to your choice. They vary mainly in the number of card decks, the opportunity to double, split and surrender. One more thing, which is different for alterations in this category is the size of payouts. Thus, one can win from x1 to x1.5 credits if he or she manages to score more points than the dealer (but not more than 21).


All Alternative Blackjack variants are developed by a wide range of software providers. The biggest number of them is released by Playtech, but such well-known studios as Amaya and OpenBet also contributed to this category. Do not hesitate to try these games at one of the reviewed operators, such as Sports Interaction, Sky Vegas, and William Hill. The complete list is available in our database. A lot of these places to bet and win offer both free and real money modes. The RTP ranges from 96.64% to 99.63%.


Basic Rules and Instructions


Regardless of the chosen type of a machine, you are to place a bet in order to start playing. The bet can be a different amount. After that, you and the dealer receive two cards. Depending on the deal and a machine’s variant, you have several options:


  • Stand (there will be no changes in a deal);

  • Hit (draw one more card);

  • Double Up (raise the bet and draw one more card);

  • Surrender (fold cards and receive only a half of your bet back);

  • Split (divide one hand into two).


After that, hands are compared and the one with the higher number of points wins (the more points you have, the higher chances for a win are). Blackjack (or 21) is the strongest hand, and it can be created by an Ace and any card with the face (Jack, Queen, King) or Ten. Cards from 2 to 10 have the value of their faces; J, Q, and K’s value is equal to 10, and the Ace gives either 1 or 11 points. The payout for the 21 is usually 3:2, but there are some machines with 1:1 win. If a player scores more than 21, he or she is bust.


Alternative Blackjack Types


As it is a mixed category, Alternative Blackjack can be of different kinds, so we will give you more details about some of them:


  • Double Attack: this type gives players an opportunity to double the bet after they have seen the dealer’s up card; there is also a possibility to put a stake on whether a dealer will bust or not on the third card;

  • European type: this version is like classic Blackjack, but gamblers can make any decision before the dealer receives the second card. The first dealer’s card is an open one;

  • Lucky Blackjack: a gambler has an opportunity to guess the number of points he or she will score;

  • Deal or no Deal is based on a popular TV show. A hand of two cards is dealt, and the dealer offers a certain win, and a gambler is to decide whether to accept it or continue playing.


Our Take


This category offers an opportunity to try blackjack with different rules. Such machines offer a possibility to attack, increase bets before the dealer gets the full hand and even try to guess the number of scored points. If you still want to stick to traditional rules, do not hesitate to choose any other type from blackjack group.