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Roulette games are one of the iconic table game types of entertainment. Millions of fans all over the globe enjoy its simple rules and low house edge. The average return to player is between 95% to 98.65%.

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Table GamesRouletteAmerican Roulette

Table GamesRouletteAlternative Roulette

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Table GamesRouletteFrench Roulette

Table GamesRouletteEuropean Roulette

Table GamesRouletteEuropean Roulette

Table GamesRouletteAlternative Roulette

Table GamesRouletteEuropean Roulette

The game’s name is the French word for the little wheel. The origins of this type of gambling entertainment go back to the 18th century and is a mix produced by simultaneously several cultures – English, Italian and French. First to place bets on the spinning wheel were the Parisians in Palais Royal. The game appeared in Germany around 1850’s, and 30 years later came to the United States.

Today, roulette wheel games online are represented in practically all virtual casinos. Usually, the libraries host classic variations, but often there are also alternatives such as Card, Mini Roulette, Chinese, etc. Such unusual options can be found in our database by selecting the filter Alternative Roulette. Among other well-known types are roulette games 3D, live games and popular roulette gambling variations – American, French and European games.

Majority of reputable software developers have this type of entertainment in their portfolios. For real money or for free, they are developed by 888 Software. A large selection can be found in Microgaming’s collection. Such studios as Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Opus Gaming and XProGaming contribute significantly to development of best live roulette online, instant for both mobile and desktop devices.

Best Roulette Strategy

While there is no best roulette strategy as it is mostly the game of chance, a good idea is to learn the rules and differences for its various types and maybe take time spinning the wheel of the practice games for fun before risking real money.

The general rules are to place a bet and wait to see if the stake turns out to be a winning one. This is defined by the ball that spins within the wheel. This wheel is divided into 37 sections, each one having its own unique number. To be precise, there are numbers one through thirty-six, half of them marked red, and half marked black, and the 37th number is zero, which is usually green.

The table is divided into 36 sections, which form three columns and twelve rows, and the separate box is for the zero, or the double zero – depending on the variation. The numbers on the table match in color the numbers within the wheel. Next to the rows are six betting fields: even, odd, 18 to 36, 1 to 18, red and black. Following them are special marks for dozens: 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Depending on the minimum bet requirements of the table, chips can be placed on certain numbers, or on areas of numbers, and the more numbers that are covered – the higher the chances of winning are, but the less is the payout. Payouts are divided as follows:

  • Betting on one number that eventually wins brings payouts 35:1.

  • Betting on a group of two numbers equals to 17:1.

  • Placing stakes on simultaneously three numbers results in payouts 11:1, if any of those three numbers wins.

  • Chips placed on four numbers bring wins 8:1, if any of the quartet turns out to be lucky.

  • A group of six pays 5:1 in case of success.

  • Finally, a group of 12 numbers will bring payouts 2:1.

  • The rest of the combinations pay 1:1.

The abovementioned rules refer to the European roulette. There is also a French version with a unique peculiarity. It is the so-called “En prison” term. When the ball lands on zero, all stakes placed on even odds remain locked until the next spin of the wheel. If the situation repeats itself, the bet is lost. If the ball actually lands on the sector that has stakes, the player receives the bet back, but without any win.

Another popular type is the American version, which also has the double zero. This extra number reduces chances to win, but just a bit.

Casinos to Play At

Our database contains detailed filters to help select the best roulette games at online casino sites depending on personal preferences. Almost all of the options include roulette games free play in addition to play for real money.

Thus, according to reviews by major gambling portals, as well as based on the feedback provided by the registered members, best European roulette games to play are available at Lucky 247, Bet365 and William Hill, just to name a few of hundreds. These feature different software providers and licenses, and allow instant experience.

Those who prefer roulette games free from download, can select among Microgaming-powered platforms. Such are represented by Golden Riviera or Cabaret Club among others. There are also locations like 32Red, which is a perfect choice for those looking for free roulette games for UK – both for installation and with no download.

In general, filters located on the left of this review allow to select a perfect website according to preferred software, free play mode, bets and pocket types, house advantage, and game type.

Promotions and Bonuses

Usually, it is quite hard to find best roulette bonuses online because most operators do not allow high contribution of this type of entertainment to the wagering requirements. On average, roulette counts only up to 25%. An even harder task is to find no-deposit bonuses.

There are, however, brands that specialize on supplying players with live content. Thus, an Asia-targeted place to bet and win called Live Casino House has an impressive selection of live releases and provides a decent welcome bonus designed to roll it over on table and card games, including roulette.


Unfortunately, roulette is the type of game where there are no 100%-effective winning strategies. The only thing worth advising is to bet on the type that has one zero. Asides from this, the single factor the player is left to rely on is luck.

It depends on the variation. The highest odds are statistically brought by the French Roulette, and they equal to 1.35% in the favor of the house. The lowest odds are registered in the American Roulette – 5.26% in the favor of the house.