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Vintage Arcade Type of Games – Useful Statistics

These machines belong to the cohort of Arcades, with vintage variation representing 36.32% of the games within it. Nevertheless, this is quite a substantial category of casino machines, as about seventeen software providers have contributed to creating it, with the main software manufacturers being Playtech, Gaming 1, AirDice, and iSoftBet. The last two developers have even released games with progressive jackpots, three of which are available in our database.

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Game Type: Vintage Arcade 

Rock Paper Scissors
Rating: 3.58

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  • Theme Recreation
  • Genre Rock Paper Scissors
  • Action Type Virtual
  • Action Index 1
  • Max Winx78
  • Advantage3.33%

Risk IT Progressive
Rating: 3.11

Arcade and Variety -> Arcade Games -> Vintage Arcade Play for money

Gaming Technology SolutionsGaming Technology Solutions
  • Theme Nature
  • Genre Lottery
  • Action Type Cards
  • Action Index 2
  • Max WinJackpot
  • Advantage-

The return to the player may vary from 93.5% to an impressive 99.87%, and you can score from x2–x10,000 credits for one winning combination, depending on the game. Our database contains more than 100 destinations to play this type of entertainment, including Betway, Royal Vegas, and Lucky Emperor.


Types of Games & Features


You can find the following variations in this category on our website:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe (you need to match identical symbols in a row);

  • Heads or Tails (with a 50% win probability);

  • Rock Paper Scissors (fighting games, in which you choose one of three moves to defeat your rival);

  • Rubik's (spin the cube and try to match the colours to win);

  • Jenga (colorful blocks fall to build a tower; if blocks of the same colour form a line, it disappears and you get a win);

  • Dice games (fill boxes with colorful dice, and try to form a winning line with dice of the same colour);

  • Scratch (reveal covered symbols and win if you can match three of them).


Strategies and Tips


Some vintage arcades, like Rubik’s, Jenga, dice, or Scratch, are games of chance so you can only rely on luck. However, there are machines, which allow you to apply a certain strategy to increase the chances of a win. These include Heads or Tails, Rock-Paper-Scissors, and a few others. For example, Heads or Tails has a 50%-50% chance of a win, so some experienced players recommend betting on the same side of the coin (either Heads or Tails) several times in a row to get a guaranteed result.


Our Summary

The feature common to this group of casino machines is that they are all based on good old real games which used to be popular with children. Online versions have been slightly modified, and give an opportunity to bet and win. Their popularity is equal to 1.33 out of 100 points. If you like games of this type but prefer modern alterations, you can play casino machines in the Arcade games variety. There is also a High Low category, in which the player’s aim is to guess the next member in the row of symbols (whether bigger or smaller, etc.).