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Casino Dice is a selection of relevant releases available on our website, which contains games that are played with the help of the dice. This category belongs to the large Arcade and Variety group and smaller Arcade Games subgroup.


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Among options listed on this page you can find machines of such themes as figures, entertainment and some others. The choice is from about ten software providers, including Microgaming, Playtech, and Gtech, in a wide range of online brands. They give you a chance to try your luck either for free or for real money.


Casino Dice: Game Rules


The concept of different dice games is similar, but they can vary in the number of actions that a player can make. Thus, some offer only an opportunity to place a bet, while others give a chance to surrender if the outcome of the round is not satisfactory. This type of content also offers different sizes of payouts: you can earn from x10 to x180 credits if your bet is a winning one.


You are to place a bet before taking any other actions. The number and types of bets differ from game to game, but generally, you can place a wager on the dice value, the total score of all dice after a roll, odd or even number of the dice and some others. After the bet is placed, you should press the “Roll” button to roll the dice and see their value.


How to Win in Casino Dice Games


These are basically games of chance so that you cannot apply a strategy to any of them. However, you can calculate the probabilities and find the most lucrative bets. Therefore, there are several steps, which experience players recommend doing before playing:


  • Find out the number of dice in a game;

  • Calculate the number of possible combinations. One dice has six possible combinations, so you should multiply this number by 6 with each additional dice; e.g. you play the game with two dice, so the number of possible combinations is 6x6 = 36;

  • The next thing that is worth doing is to calculate the odds of getting a specific number. E.g. you play a game with two dice and you want to know the odds of a number 9. You should consider possible combinations (in this case they are: 3-6 and 4-9). As you play with two dice, you should multiply this number by 2, and you get 4 possible ways to get number 9.


Our Summary


Releases of this type are popular with players for their straightforward rules and instant wins. In addition to that, they do not require special skills or complicated strategy, what makes dice games even more appealing. If you find games of this type enjoyable, we recommend you to try Poker Dice machines as well.