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Poker Dice Online: General Information

This type of entertainment is included in the Table Games group, and it takes up only 0.5% of this large classification. It is also a part of a smaller cohort, called Variety of Alternative Table Games.

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Game Type: Poker Dice

Table GamesOther Table GamesPoker Dice

Table GamesOther Table GamesPoker Dice

Table GamesOther Table GamesPoker Dice

Table GamesOther Table GamesPoker Dice

There it encompasses only 10% of the collection, so we can come to the conclusion that it is a unique kind of a machine. In our database there are about 10 releases developed by different providers, including 888 Casino Software, OpenBet, and Pariplay.

Despite the fact that there are no options with a progressive jackpot, players can still score big wins, which range from x50 to x150. In addition, the RTP is quite good at about 96.6%. Different operators offer an opportunity to play it for either real money or for free, and among them there are Betsson, Red Queen, and  Trada.

Rules and Instructions

There are five dice, and each one has pictures of cards (nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace) instead of traditional numbers from one to six. This combination gives you an opportunity to get so-called “Hands,” which include a pair, five of a kind, a full house, and a straight.

In the majority of Poker Dice games, you need to select the stake and press the “Play” button to play. In some releases however, especially those developed by vsGaming, you can bet on either all or only certain combinations. The main aim is to predict the result of the roll and to put a stake on the winning combination. You can also see the history of your bets, repeat them, or change after every roll.

Playing Guide: Probability and Scoring

It can be very helpful to know the probabilities since your win may depend on that. For example, your chances of getting a straight are higher than they are for rolling four of a kind. However, if you aim for the four of a kind combination, you may at least get a three of a kind combination; if your goal is to collect a straight, your only hope is to get a straight. So you have higher chances of getting a winning combination if you bet on 4 of a kind, not on Straight.

The maximum score  you can get in this game is 56 points, but a win is still considered to be good if you score at least 30 points.

Our Take

Though the game has many similarities with video poker, it allow players to get a full house, a straight, or five of a kind regardless of the suit of the card on the dice, which is not possible in regular elsewhere. Despite its the uniqueness, this type of entertainment is not very popular with players. If you’re one of those who do like the game, you may also enjoy video poker, especially when it comes with special bonus offers.