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Keno is an exciting type of lottery game, that belongs to the Arcade and Variety group in our database and makes up more than 10% of all content in it. Actually, the Keno classification is quite a large one, as there are a hundred of releases, developed by about fifty software providers. Among them are Net Entertainment, IGT, Microgaming and 1x2 Gaming. In addition to that, you can enjoy a Keno game with a progressive jackpot, released by Net Entertainment, Bwin Party, Euro Games Technology, and others.


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Arcade and VarietyKenoKeno

Arcade and VarietyKenoKeno

Arcade and VarietyKenoKeno

Arcade and VarietyKenoKeno

Arcade and VarietyKenoKeno

Arcade and VarietyKenoKeno

Arcade and VarietyKenoKeno

Arcade and VarietyKenoKeno

Arcade and VarietyKenoKeno

Arcade and VarietyKenoKeno

All titles on this page are quite similar, but they may vary in following parameters:

  • Number of spots (from 40 to 80);

  • The number of compulsory spots to choose (e.g. you are to select from three to twelve numbers);

  • The size of maximum payout (from x1,000 up to x125,000 credits);

  • The RTP percentage (from 75% up to 97.95%).

You have an opportunity to enjoy the best Keno alterations in a wide range of casinos with no download. You are to choose whether to play them for free or for real money and try to make a fortune in the process.

How to Play?

The rules are extremely easy: you must place a bet, choose the numbers, which you believe can be winning ones, and press the “Play” button. After that, twenty balls will be drawn. The goal of the game is to guess as many numbers as possible. The amount of possible win depends on the number of chosen spots: the lesser spots that are selected, the higher payout can be won.

Betting Strategy

The strategy does not work perfectly because it is a game of pure chance. Nonetheless, experienced players give certain tips, which work well quite often:

  • You should find an online casino with the highest RTP and the highest payouts;

  • Unlike the common belief, you should not select a lot of spots, as such tactics lower your chances for a win. It is better to choose from five to seven numbers;

  • It is better to choose consecutive numbers, as such a strategy gives you more chances for a win than choosing random numbers that are far from each other;

  • Choose numbers that have not been drawn for a long time, as there is a high probability that they will appear during the next spin;

  • The opposite strategy is to choose numbers that appear frequently, as they can appear the next time as well;

  • Try to play in free mode at first to see how Keno online games work, which numbers appear frequently and so on.

Our Conclusion

Keno is the famous and extremely popular type of lottery game, which gives you an opportunity to try your luck, guess all the correct numbers and win a lot of money. It is extremely easy to play, and it does not require any complicated strategy. All you need is to remember several tips and start playing. If you like games like this one, you can also try Bingo.