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Bingo online is a game of chance, which on our portal places in the Arcade and Variety group representing more than 6% of all content in it, and it is also a part of Arcade Games subgroup, and Bingo makes up about 20% of it. It is developed by a big variety of software providers, including such well-known brands as Net Entertainment, Microgaming, and Playtech.

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There are different alterations of Bingo in our database. You can have cards with 60, 70, 80 and even 90 spots. There are also releases with a different number of cards, and their variety (5x5, 5x6, 5x3) in the reviewed category. They offer different payouts, which range from x15 up to 100,000 credits. In addition to that, almost a half of all variants have the maximum win in a form of a progressive jackpot. The RTP is also different, and it ranges from 90% up to 97.05%. Thus, do not miss an opportunity to enjoy Bingo online for real money or for free play at one of the trustworthy casinos with no download and have fun.


How to Play?


The rules are extremely simple, but they can vary slightly from game to game. Generally, you are to select the bet amount, choose the number of cards (sometimes you can shuffle them) and press “Play” to see the drawn balls. Most releases give you a payout if winning numbers correspond to numbers in your card in one/two/three horizontal or vertical lines. Some games in this category offer you a high probability of a win, as the game ends when you cross three lines in your cards or when all 90 balls are drawn. The amount of win in such games depend on the numbers of drawn balls before bingo comes (three lines are crossed).


Online Playing Tips


The online version is a bit different from the real one, yet it is still a game of chance, and it does not have any specific strategy. Nonetheless, there are some playing tips from experts, which can increase your chances for a win:

  • Choose a day and time, which are not extremely popular with other players;

  • Find a game with the least number of players;

  • Choose a game that offers the highest chances for a win;

  • Play with more than one card; the more cards the higher are your chances for a win.


Our Summary

Bingo is one of the most popular games of chance available today. There are several variants in this category, and the most popular among them are European and American types. The American version has 5x5 cards, and it is played with 75 balls. All numbers in horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows must match in order for you to win. There is also a new Bingo type, played with 80 balls and the card of 4x4. If you enjoy this game, you can also look through Keno category.