Virtual Sportsbook games

Virtual Sportsbook: What is in It?


Virtual Sportsbook is a game of chance, in which you are expected to guess the winner in a sports competition to receive a payout. This games’ classification with about twenty machines belongs to the Arcade and Variety group, as well as to the smaller Arcade Games subgroup, making up about 7% of all content in it. Virtual Sportsbook is a special category, created by our website, which includes emulators of different sports games, like football, golf, rugby and some others.

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Releases of this category are developed by different software providers, and the main software manufacturers among them are Playtech,, and Amaya. Most emulators have quite similar gameplay and rules, but they can vary in the availability of different bets, theme and RTP. Thus, a return to the player can differ from 90.23% up to 97.98%.


How to Play and Win in Virtual Sportsbook Games


Regardless of the theme of the game, the general rules are the same. To get started, you need to think about the potential outcome of the virtual match and place a bet. The most popular bet is placed on the winner of the competition. After that, the match is in process and you can watch it. Once it is over, you will see the result of the game. If any of your guesses were right, you will be given a payout according to the paytable.


Virtual Sportsbook: Strategy Tips


Virtual Sportsbook emulators are games of chance so that you cannot influence the outcome of the match if you are playing virtual football, rugby or tennis. However, experienced players can give you a number of tips, which can increase your chances for a win. Thus, it is better to:

  • Choose the release with the highest RTP;

  • Remember that favorites win often but not always. It means that you can bet on the rival of the favorite if this favorite has won several times in a row;

  • Stick to draw strategy, as approximately 20% of all games results in a draw.


Our Summary

Unlike live or online betting on sports, you can make far more bets during one day, as virtual matches last from 90 seconds up to 3 minutes, while real games take more than half an hour. What is more, there are no breaks between seasons, so that you do not have to wait until betting on your favorite kinds of sports are available again. If you enjoy emulators of this type, you can also be interested in games, presented in the Virtual Racing category.