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Virtual Racing: Guess Who is the Winner?


The Virtual Racing category contains different race emulators, and it belongs to the Arcade and Variety group, specifically the Arcade subgroup, representing slightly over 6% of all games in it in our portal’s collection. Features of games collected on this page are more or less the same, but they can range in a variety of bets and size of payouts. Odds are different, but most releases offer x1 payout for the right guess. The RTP in such emulators ranges significantly. Thus, it can be anywhere between 87.66% to 97.21%.

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Horse and Jockey
Rating: 2.54

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888 Casino Software888 Casino Software


  • Theme Sports
  • Genre Horses
  • Action Type Emulator
  • Action Index 1
  • Max Winx100
  • Advantage11.75%

Virtual Racing games are developed by a variety of casino gaming providers, including Net Entertainment, Microgaming, and Playtech. There is also one such games with a progressive jackpot in our database, released by Net Entertainment. You can play this or other creations with no download in different online casinos for free or for real money.


How to Play Virtual Racing Casino Game?


The rules are similar for all games in this category. The first thing, which you should do is to learn more about competitors, and place one or more bets. After that, sit back in your chair, watch the race and keep your fingers crossed for the contestant you bet on. If any of your guesses were right, you will receive a payout, which is presupposed by a paytable. Usually, the size of the payout depends on the scores of an animal in previous races and the weather.


Virtual Racing: Playing Tips


This is basically a game of chance, so that the strategy cannot help you much; yet there are some playing tips, which can be applied both for dogs and horses racing. These tips can help you to increase your chances for a win:

  • Pay attention to odds: the lower they are, the higher the probability of a win is;

  • Look at age: contestants should be neither too old nor too young;

  • Choose a contestant that won several times before;

  • If you play virtual dogs racing, it is better to choose a race with six rather than with eight dogs.


Our Summary


Games of this category are similar to real animal racing competitions, so they are quite popular among the gaming community. You can find two types of such races at our portal: one of them is represented by horses, and the other one depicts dogs racing. Both are exciting and unpredictable so that playing can be extremely enjoyable. In addition to Virtual Racing, we can also recommend you try Virtual Sportsbook.