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Solitaire – Are You Ready to Win with Your Skills?


Solitaire is a widespread and popular card game, and a lot of players find it enjoyable. This game type belongs to the Table Games group and Other Card Games subgroup of our website, but it makes up less than 1% of all games in it. In this collection, Solitaire is developed by such well-known software providers as NeoGames, Ash Gaming, and 3DICE.

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3 Card Solitaire
Rating: 3

Table Games -> Card Games -> Other Card Games -> Solitaire Play for money

  • Additional info coming soon
  • Max Winx156
  • Advantage0.49%

Rating: 2.41

Table Games -> Card Games -> Other Card Games -> Solitaire Play for money

  • Additional info coming soon
  • Max Winx4
  • Advantage5.00%

Vegas Solitaire
Rating: 2.07

Table Games -> Card Games -> Other Card Games -> Solitaire Play for money

Ash GamingAsh Gaming
  • Additional info coming soon
  • Max Winx3
  • Advantage17.00%

Features and the gameplay of such machines are the same, yet they can vary in the size of payouts and the RTP percentage. Depending on the game you choose, you can win from x4 to x156 credits if you manage to move all cards to their foundations. The RTP ranges significantly, as it can be anywhere between 83% and 99.51%. Do not miss an opportunity to make a fortune playing this popular game in the online operator either for free or for real money.


How to Play Casino Solitaire Online?


The rules of the casino Solitaire are pretty much the same, as those of the classic Solitaire. First, you should place a bet and press the “Start” button for the twenty-eight cards to be dealt on the table. Your goal is to move cards to their foundation by gathering all cards of the same suit in one pile (from Ace to King). You can move cards from the tableau, as well as those cards from the stock and waste pile, regardless the color but in sequence. That means that you can place Six on the top of Seven, but you cannot place Six on the top of Eight or Nine. If all cards are at their foundations, you receive a win according to the paytable.


Strategy Tips


Solitaire is a game of skill, so it is better to try to play it for free before playing for real money. There are also several tips, which can help you to win in this game every time:

  • Place Aces and 2s immediately in the foundations;

  • Do not disturb Next Card Protection. This means, that you should not place a card in its foundation if there is no other card of the same value, but the other color. For example, it is better not to place a 7 of diamonds in the foundation if there is no 7 of hearts on the tableau. That is the key point in solitaire strategy;

  • Prefer opening of downcards to cleaning of the waste pile;

  • Place the King at the foundation only if there is another King to take its place;

  • Do not move 5, 6, 7 and 8 cards if you have other options, as these cards are key ones in the solitaire game.


Our Conclusion: Solitaire Game Online


Casino Solitaire is quite popular with players, as it calls for relying on skills rather than on luck. That gives more chances for a win and enough room for strategy. The other reason for this game to appeal to a lot of users is a high RTP percentage if one applies the right strategy. If you want to try a game of chance for a change, we recommend you to play Bingo or High Low.