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Sevens Wild Online: Try to Win with Lucky Cards


Sevens Wild is a unique and rare kind of the video poker game, which constitutes only 1.06% of a big video poker group. The game got its name due to the sevens, which performed the role of the Wild or Joker in the process of playing. All releases in this category are similar, as well as winning combinations are the same, but the payouts’ size is different. Thus, payouts may vary from x300 to x4000, depending on the game and its provider.

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You can find about 10 Sevens Wild machines in our database, and they are developed by such software providers as Realtime Gaming, 3DICE, and Slotland. One game, released by Slotland offers an opportunity to win the progressive jackpot. The RTP in Sevens Wild ranges from 94.7% to 98.8%.


Overview of Sevens Wild Rules and Payouts


The rules of this classification’s games are quite easy. All you need to do is place a bet and press “Play/Deal” button. You will see five random cards from the 52-card deck. You will have an opportunity to hold any of these cards for one round to increase your chance for a winning combination.


The set of winning combinations is like that of traditional video poker. Thus, you can get three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, straight flush and royal flush. Some Sevens Wild machines can also offer such combinations as Four Sevens, Royal Flush Wild, and Five of a Kind.


Sevens Wild – Video Poker Strategy


There is an option, which allows players to hold any of the cards for one more round, and a lot of skillful players recommend to use this opportunity in the strategy of the play. Thus, here are a few of tips from them:

  • If you have a five/four of a kind, straight flush, or royal flush never hesitate to hold them all;

  • If there is no winning combination yet but there is an opportunity of getting a good deal because you have four cards of a royal flush, four cards of a straight, four of a kind then hold them;

  • If you are to choose where to hold four-card royal flush or straight, flush or anything else, always choose royal flush to hold;

  • Hold one or two Seven’s if there are no better combinations.


Our Conclusion on Sevens Wild Video Poker

This classification of games is characterized by high payouts for winning combinations, which includes 4 sevens or Royal Flush with a Seven. In addition to that, availability of such cards as a Joker gives an opportunity to create a unique Five of a Kind combination. That is what makes the Sevens Wild category of casino machines different from the rest of video poker games. Despite that, not so many players choose to play this type of Video Poker. Deuces Poker is quite similar to the Sevens Wild class, as the card Two plays the role of the Wild/Joker. A bit different are games, presented in Joker Poker type, as the Joker goes as a separate card.