Double Bonus Poker games

Double Bonus Poker – Why is It Worth Playing?


Double Bonus Poker is a significant classification of games in the video poker group. There are about forty such machines on this page, and they make up more than 5% of all video poker games. Double Bonus Poker is easy to play, and most releases are alike in rules, gameplay, and strategy. Nonetheless, they differ in size of payouts, so that the maximum win can vary from x250 up to x5,000 credits per one hand, depending on the game.

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Game Type: Double Bonus Poker 

Double Bonus Poker
Rating: 3.76

Video Poker -> Double Bonus Poker Free playPlay for money

  • RF 800
  • 4 Aces 160
  • SF 50
  • 4 of 2s-4s 80
  • Full 9
  • Flush 7
  • Gamble Yes
  • Max Winx800
  • Advantage0.89%

Double Bonus Poker Pyramid Poker
Rating: 2.79

Video Poker -> Double Bonus Poker Free playPlay for money

  • RF 800
  • 4 Aces 160
  • SF 50
  • 4 of 2s-4s 80
  • Full 9
  • Flush 6
  • Gamble Yes
  • Max Winx950
  • Advantage3.62%

About fifteen software providers contribute to this type of video poker, and the main manufacturers among them are Microgaming, IGT, and BetSoft. In addition to that, Arrow’s Edge released games of this type, feature a progressive jackpot. The RTP ranges from 94.19% up to 99.45% so that some Double Bonus Poker games are more beneficial than others. Thus, choose any machines that appeal to you, and play it for real money or free play and with no download at a trustworthy casino. The full list of such operators can be found at our website.


Double Bonus Poker: Payouts and Rules


You are to decide how many coins to bet and press the “Deal” button to get a hand of five cards. After that, you will be asked to choose cards, which you want to hold and then draw the others. If you are lucky to get any of the winning combinations, with the list available in the paytable, you will have a chance to double your win with the help of a Double Up feature.


The distinctive feature of Double Bonus Poker is the significant size of payouts, given for Four of a Kind that consists of Aces, 2s, 4s or 3s. Other winning combinations are similar to those of Jacks or Better, and they are the following:

  • Flush Royal;

  • Flush Straight;

  • Four of a Kind (from 5s to Kings);

  • Full House;

  • Flush;

  • Straight;

  • Three of a Kind;

  • Two Pairs;

  • Jack or Better.


Double Bonus Poker: Playing Tips


Experienced players recommend doing the following if you want to increase your chances for a win:

  • You should always place the maximum bet;

  • It is worth holding Royal Flush combination and never try to double it;

  • If you have Royal Straight keep it and do not aim at a Royal Flush at this situation;

  • Always hold Four of a Kind;

  • It is better to discard a Full House if you have Three Aces;

  • If you have Flush and four cards to Royal Flush keep those for cards instead of Flush combination. Same is true about Straight and four cards to Straight;

  • Hold Three of a Kind;

  • If you have Two Pairs and one of them is a Pair of Aces, keep Two Pairs, not just a Pair of Aces;

  • Hold High Pair if there is no better combination;

  • If there are no winning combinations, then hold High Cards if there are any of them.


Our Summary


Double Bonus Poker is quite appealing to players due to high payouts for certain Four of a Kind Combinations. This feature makes this video poker variation more beneficial than the well-known Jacks or Better. If you enjoy Double Bonus Poker, you will probably also like Double Double Bonus Poker, as it has a similar concept of the game.