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Deal or no Deal: What Would You Choose?


Deal or no Deal is an extremely popular game, based on the well-known TV show that is airing in many countries. It belongs to a large group of Arcade and Variety entertainment. In our database, it is represented by approximately five TV show variations, released by 888 Casino Software, Gamesys Limited, and Endemol.

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The RTP ranges significantly so that there are machines with 87.27% as well as variations with 95.54% of return to player. Deal or no Deal can be played in two modes: for free or for real money. If you want to be confident at the reputation of an operator, take some time to read the reviews that we provide per each label. Among those that we can recommend are Sky Vegas or Maria.


How to Play Deal or No Deal Machine


First, a gambler should place a bet. Once this is done, he or she is to choose one out of twenty-six briefcases. The dealer will try to buy it for as low price as possible. After that, a gamer is to select about six briefcases (the exact number depends on the machine) and open them. Each briefcase contains a certain amount of money, so that number will be crossed out once it is opened. The banker will periodically offer a price for that special chosen briefcase, and he or she can either agree to it and take that sum of money or reject it and continue the game. The fewer briefcases that are on the screen, the more frequently the banker calls. If one does not agree to any price, he or she gets the payout, hidden in the briefcase, chosen at the very beginning.


Playing Tips


Deal or No Deal is a game of chance, yet it gives players an opportunity to decide when to stop and take the win. In order for the win to be decent, you need to be either lucky or accept the dealer’s offer in time. It is a good idea to analyze the amount of money hidden in closed briefcases. If you see that only small amounts are left, it is better to accept the banker’s deal (especially if it is higher than the average sum in all briefcases). If you opened briefcases with the smaller payouts, and the highest wins are still available, you can reject banker’s price and keep playing.


Our Take on This TV Show Adaptation


We can say that Deal or no Deal appeals to customers in many countries due to the challenging rules and a guarantee win, although, sometimes the sum won can be lower than the size of a stake. Another reason for the popularity of this machine is the fact that it is an adaptation of a TV show so that many players enjoy watching it, and they are eager to try it. There are some other exciting arcades in our database, including Scratch Cards and High Low.