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Bonus Poker Deluxe is a part of big video poker group in our database, and it constitutes only about 2% of all games in this collection. Machines in this category are developed by more than five software providers, and the most popular of them are Microgaming, IGT, and BetSoft.

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Bonus Deluxe Poker Multihand
Rating: 3.81

Video Poker -> Bonus Poker Deluxe Free playPlay for money

  • RF 800
  • SF 50
  • 4 of kind 80
  • Full 10
  • Flush 5
  • Straight 4
  • Gamble Yes
  • Max Winx250
  • Advantage0.30%

Bonus Poker Deluxe
Rating: 3.36

Video Poker -> Bonus Poker Deluxe Free playPlay for money

  • RF 800
  • SF 50
  • 4 of kind 80
  • Full 8
  • Flush 6
  • Straight 4
  • Gamble Yes
  • Max Winx800
  • Advantage1.51%

A beneficial feature of all Bonus Poker Deluxe is high RTP, which can vary from 98.49% to 99.7%. The size of payouts is also different, and it depends on the game and the developer. Thus, the maximum payout can range from x250 to x5000 credits, and it is given for the winning combination, called Royal Flush. In general, all releases on this page are similar to each other. Therefore, you can choose any of them to play for free or for real money in one of the reputable casinos, which list you can find below.


How to Play Bonus Poker Deluxe: Rules & Payouts


Bonus Poker Deluxe is one of the easiest video poker types to play. All you need is to place a bet and see the decision hand, which consists of five cards. Then, you are to decide which of five cards to hold to get the highest possible payout.  In addition to that, you can double your current win with the help of the Gamble feature. You must select the card, which is higher that the cards of the dealer, in order to do that.


The paytable is much simpler than those paytables of other bonus poker games. You can get the following winning combinations:

  • Royal Flush;

  • Straight Flush;

  • Four of a Kind;

  • Full House;

  • Flush;

  • Straight;

  • Three of a Kind;

  • Two Pairs;

  • Jacks or Better.


Bonus Poker Deluxe Strategy


The strategy is alike to those of other video poker types. So, there are key points you need to know if you going to play Bonus Poker Deluxe:

  • You should always hold Royal Flush combinations and never apply Double Bonus to it;

  • You should hold Straight Flush, and do not prefer four cards to Royal Flush to five cards to Straight Flush;

  • If you do not have these two combinations, it is better to hold Four of a Kind or Full House. If you are to choose between Three Aces and Full House, select Full House;

  • Keep Flush or Straight, but never prefer these combinations to four card Royal Flush or Royal Straight;

  • Keep Three of a Kind and Two Pairs;

  • You can keep Low Pair, but prefer three to Royal Flush to it if there is such a possibility;

  • Keep High Cards if there are no winning combinations;

  • If there are no high cards, it is better to draw five new cards.


Our Take on Bonus Poker Deluxe


Unlike other games from the Bonus Poker family, Bonus Poker Deluxe does not offer different payouts for Four of a Kind combination, formed by certain card. It has only one payout for this winning combination, regardless the cards, which form it. As a result, the variation has more in common with such categories as Jacks or Better and Tens or Better, than with Bonus Poker type. You can find any of them at our website and get enjoyable gaming experience.