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Reveal the Mystery of Asian Games


The Asian type game category belongs to the Arcade and Variety group, representing only slightly over 1% of all items in it. In addition to that, it is a part of smaller subgroup, called Arcade Games. There are about ten Asian casino machines in our database, and they all have different features, rules, and RTP. In addition to that, they vary in the action type (tiles, numbers, figures etc.), as well as in the size of payouts. Thus, one can win from x20 to x5,000 credits per one gaming round.

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Game Type: Asian 

Live Mahjong Paigow
Rating: 1.92

Arcade and Variety -> Asian

  • Theme Asian
  • Action Type Tiles
  • Action Index 999
  • Max Winx40
  • Advantage-

Games of this small category are developed by such well-known software providers as Playtech,, and OpenBet. They all can be played in a wide range of online casinos for free or for real money. The list of reputable operators is available on our website, and it includes such brands as William Hill, Sky Vegas, and BetVictor. The RTP is a high one, and it ranges from 94.32% to 98.09%.


General Rules and Instructions


Rules differ from one game to another in this category, as it is a mixed class. However, there are some general points on how to play all Asian machines. First, you should place a one or several bets. The exact number of them depends on the betting system. Such entertainments as Mahjong or Sudoku offer only one bet, while the variety of stakes in Lucky Star or Paradice is like those of traditional Roulette. After that, the player’s actions depend on the kind of the Asian game: some of them require just pressing the “Play” button, others want you to make a certain choice. After all manipulations, the outcome of the playing round is compared with the paytable, and a gambler gets a payout if his or her bet is a winning one.


Asian Games: Kinds and Variations


Being a combined category, it includes Asian machines of different types. We will describe features of some of them below:

  • Mahjong (you have a hand of 14 tiles, and you should discard one of them. After that, your task is to choose three tiles from the wall (usually consists of 24 items) to complete your hand and get a winning combination. If you manage to find the needed tile, you will get a payout according to the paytable);

  • Lucky Star (there is a star, divided into spots with numbers of red, black and green colors on the screen. You should choose either a single number, a group of them, a color etc. to place a bet. After that, a certain number will be chosen randomly. If your guess is right, you get a payout);

  • Sudoku (it consists of the 3x3 field, and it will be filled with random figures from 1 to 9. If there are three or more same numbers or all nine figures appear on the screen, a player receives a payout according to the paytable);

  • Paradice (a gambler places a bet, and dices are rolled. If the bet wins, a payout is given).


The KeyToCasino Conclusion


The category of Asian games is extremely popular among players, even though there are a few of them. They find it interesting due to straightforward rules, Asian theme, and quite high payouts. The RTP of such machines is also a good one, so many gamblers choose to play them via online operators. If you enjoy Asian-themed machines, we can also recommend you try Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo classes.