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Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker – Popular Classification of Card Games


Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker type of casino games belongs to the big group of Table Games in our website, which are divided into subgroups, and one of them is Card Games. There are about 20 releases in this collection, and this type of table poker constitutes only 3% of all card games in our database.

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TXS Hold'em Professional series
Rating: 3.11

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Net EntertainmentNet Entertainment
  • Ante Paid 1to1
  • Bonus Comb's 0
  • Max Winx5
  • Advantage0.53%

About 20 software providers contributed to the development of this type of poker. A lot of them were developed by Microgaming, Net Entertainment, and Felt. The last provider even released the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker with a progressive jackpot. Games have quite similar features, but the payouts vary. Thus, you can get from x2 up to x1,000 credits. What is more, the payout for the Ante also differs: you can get it for straight and higher combinations in some games, and for Flush and higher in others. The RTP of Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker ranges from 96.95% to 99.47%, which is high, so wagering can be quite beneficial. Select your gambling destination among many, reviewed by our website, and try your luck.


How to Play Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker: Rules and Paytable


To start playing, you are to place the Ante and press “Deal” button. You and the dealer receive two cards. If you consider your hand to be good, you can either continue playing with the same bet or raise it. Then, three common cards will appear, so that you can either get a winning combination or realize your chances of getting one. If you see that there is a little possibility of you winning, you can fold your cards. If you decide to continue two more common cards appear on the table, and you and a dealer are to show your hands. The one with the better card combination wins.


Possible combinations are:

  • A pair of cards;

  • Three of a kind;

  • Straight;

  • Flush;

  • Full House;

  • Four of a kind;

  • Straight flush;

  • Royal Flush (if this combination appears in a game is a progressive jackpot, you win it.);


Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker: Strategy Tips


To flop, or not to flop? That is the first decision you should make when you see your cards. A lot of gamblers say that is better to always stay in the game, but sometimes the card in your hand may be too bad. Thus, if one of your cards is two and the other card is not of the same suit, it is better not to play the hand.


When you see three community cards out of five, you can predict your chance for a better win. Thus, bet on only if you have a pair, two pairs, three/four of a kind, or a full house. It is also worth continuing the game if you have cards that can bring you potential straight or flush.


In addition to that, if there is a bonus bet, always make it, as it is your opportunity to win a big sum of money.


Our Take on Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Game


This is one of the most popular types of poker, as the rules are quite easy and the number of strategies is big. The specific feature of this classification of poker games is that the player is to make a compulsory bet, called Ante before he or she sees the cards. If you enjoy this category, you may also be interested in Oasis Poker and our collective list of Other Casino Poker Games.