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Jackpot Poker: Reasons to Play


Jackpot Poker is a rare type of video poker that offers high payouts for four of a kind combinations. You can find this game in the Video Poker group in our database, but it makes up only 2% of all available Video Poker games. Three casino software providers have contributed to this type of machines - Realtime Gaming, 3DICE, and PAF. The last developer also released a variation with a progressive jackpot.



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In general, games of this type have similar features, and only vary in size of payout and number of simultaneous hands. You can get from x250 up to x4,000 credits if you play one of the machines listed below. One more feature that varies between chosen games is the RTP, which ranges from 98.94% to 98.99%. This is a high RTP, so a lot of customers prefer playing Jackpot Poker online both for free and for real money with reputable operators like All Stars Slots, iNetBet, and 3DICE


Rules Overview


If you have played Jacks or Better at least once, you will know what to do in Jackpot Poker, as the rules are similar. A gambler defines the bet he or she wants to put on the stake, and presses the “Deal” button. Once this is done, a customer gets a decision hand of five cards, in which he or she has to select which cards to hold. After that, a player needs to press the “Draw” button for new cards to appear. If there is a winning combination, the gambler receives a payout according to the paytable.


You can find the list of combinations and payouts below (for the example of a game by Realtime Gaming):

  • Royal Flush (payout of 4000:1)

  • Straight Flush (250:1)

  • Four Aces + Kicker: K, Q, J (700:1)

  • Four Aces (350:1)

  • Four Kings/Queens/Jacks + Kicker: A/K/Q/J (350:1)

  • Four Kings/Queen/Jacks (175:1)

  • Four Deuces-Tens (100:1)

  • Full House (40:1)

  • Flush (25:1)

  • Straight (20:1)

  • Three of a Kind (15:1)

  • Two Pair (10:1)

  • Jacks or Better (5:1)

As you can see, Straight Flush stands higher in the ranking than any type of Four of a Kind combination; nonetheless, the payout for some Four of a Kind wins is higher than for a Straight Flush due to the features of the game.


A Strategy for This Video Poker Type


We have analyzed a number of strategies and come to the conclusion that you can use the same tips as for playing Aces and Faces, as these machines are extremely similar. However, if you do not feel like memorizing complicated strategy charts, we can give you several effective tips to increase your chances of a win:

  • Always place the maximum bet, as the maximum payout for the Royal Flush is worth it;

  • Always hold a Royal Flush combination;

  • Keep any Four of a Kind combination;

  • Hold a Three of a Kind;

  • It is better to hold a low pair than Two Pair or High Card, as it gives more chance of a Three of a Full House, Three or Four of a Kind;

  • Always hold Ace(s).


KeyToCasino Review


This variation is not hugely popular with gamblers, even though it has many features in common with player-favored types of other games in the cohort. It offers high RTP and decent payouts for combinations which are undervalued in other machines. If you enjoy Jackpot Poker, you will most probably like Bonus Poker, Aces and Faces, Tens or Better, and some others.