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Casino War Game: Fight or Surrender?


Casino War is a fun and easy game to play. Releases included in our collection are developed by up to 20 software providers, including such popular studios as Microgaming, Playtech, and BetSoft.

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Beat Me
Rating: 3.55

Table Games -> Card Games -> Other Card Games -> Casino War Free playPlay for money

Play'n GOPlay'n GO
  • Number of decks 6
  • Player Wins Second Tie Yes
  • Max Winx10
  • Advantage2.33%

War - Casino Battle
Rating: 2.51

Table Games -> Card Games -> Other Card Games -> Casino War Free playPlay for money

  • Number of decks 6
  • Player Wins Second Tie Yes
  • Max Winx10
  • Advantage-

Casino War
Rating: 2.47

Table Games -> Card Games -> Other Card Games -> Casino War Play for money

  • Additional info coming soon
  • Max Winx10
  • Advantage2.88%

There are no essential differences between the games in this category, so that size of payouts and RTP do not range much. Your maximum payout can be either x10 or x11 credits, while RTP varies from 97.12% to 97.67%. Thus, the house edge ranges from 2.33% to 2.88%. You have an opportunity to play this game online for money or for free at any reputable operator reviewed by our team. All you need is to choose the most suitable brand with no download, register at it and start playing.


How to Win?


The rules are extremely simple: the one who has the highest card wins. First, you should place a bet, including the tie bet, which pays 10:1. Some games offer you only one hand, but others have multi-hand play, so it is up to you how many simultaneous bets to play. After that, you and the dealer receive one card each, and the highest card wins.


Cards have traditional values in this game with the Ace being the highest and the deuce being the lowest value. If two cards are of the same value, that is a tie, and you can either go to war or surrender. If you decide to go to war, you will have to double your bet, and the dealer does the same. If your card is higher, you win; if not dealer takes the whole bet. In case you want to surrender, you win get only the half of your initial bet back.


Strategy Tips and Odds


This is a game of pure chance so that there is no real strategy, which you can apply. However, experienced players share the following tips:

  • If there is a tie, you should always go to war, as the house advantage gets smaller, and you can win more;

  • You can bet on a tie, but experts do not recommend doing this, as the advantage of a house on such bet is 18.65%, so it is more likely that you will lose than win;

  • Always watch the Aces. It is the highest card so that you cannot lose if you have it. You can only win or tie. Thus, if you have not seen Aces for a long time, they will certainly appear soon.


Our Conclusion

Casino War is an easy-to-play card game, that does not require special strategy to win. You can just enjoy the gaming process and try to win a war. Players find this table game entertaining, as they can check whether luck is on their side. In general, it is a good option to have fun, but not the best one if your goal is to win a lot of money. Dragon Tiger is a similar classification, so you can try it as an alternative.