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Baccarat Online – Get Your Lucky Nine


Baccarat is an extremely popular card game, in which you are to get 9 points or a number of points that is close to that figure to win. It prevails in a subgroup of Other Card Games and constitutes about 9% in a big Table Games group of our website’s collection. You can choose from more than ninety variations, released by a big number of software providers, and Net Entertainment, Microgaming, and IGT are the main ones among them. Playtech offers two games with progressive jackpot to play.

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Releases can vary based on the number of card decks that are used in a game. You can find alterations with 6 and 8 decks. In addition to that, some variations have No Banker Commission, while others require a 5% commission if a Banker bet wins. Another feature that differs from game to game is the size of payouts. Thus, the maximum payout varies from x0.95 up to x200 credits. Baccarat is popular in casinos with no download both for real money and free play, as it has rather high RTP. It can range from 97.3% up to 99.94%. The list of reputable online brands is available at our portal.


Baccarat Casino Game: Rules and Payouts


The goal of this game is to guess who is going to win: either the player or banker. There is also a third option – a tie – if the number of points in a player and a banker is equal. If you want to start playing this game, you should place a bet either on the player, banker or tie and press “Deal” button. You and a casino dealer receive either two or three cards (the number of cards depends on the number of points after giving two cards), and the one who has a number of points closer to nine wins. If there is a tie, nobody wins.


The number of points is counted by adding the values of cards in a hand:

  • Cards from 2 to 9 have the face value;

  • Ace gives 1 point;

  • Jacks, Queens, Kings and 10s give 0 points.


If the number of points is more than 10, then 10 is subtracted. For example, you have 13 points, then 10 is subtracted, and 3 points is your hand value.


You can get the following payouts:

  • Player win pays 2:1;

  • Banker win gives 2:1 (5% commission may be withdrawn);

  • Tie win pays 9:1.


Online Baccarat: Tips and Odds


You should know the odds to make the right bet. Thus, the odds are as following:

  • Banker odds are almost 46%;

  • Player odds – 44.6%;

  • Tie odds are 9.5%.


Considering these odds, experienced players give such advice as:

  • Never bet on a tie. The odds are too low, while house advantage is high. Tie hands appear extremely rarely;

  • Always bet on the banker, unless you use progressive betting system (your bet increases with every hand).

  • Do not play a lot of hands during one session;

  • Analyze the number of wins and losses and stop playing if the percentage of losses is too high.


Our Opinion on Baccarat Online


Baccarat is extremely popular among players due to high RTP and beneficial playing odds. It does not require any special knowledge or strategy, as it is more a game of a chance. There are also some other popular card game at KeyToCasino, including Pontoon and Red Dog.